Friday, 25 March 2016

#LittleLoves Bold Colours, Aeroplanes and Easter Biscuits

With all things baby related, I haven't joined in with the #LittleLoves linky which is hosted by Morgana, for ages. But I love reflecting back on what we have been enjoying and documenting little bits of life which don't necessarily make for a whole blog post. 

So here's what we have been loving lately...


We have recently added these lovely IKEA shelves to Little L's nursery in the attic. While he's still too young to sleep in there himself, we enjoy using it as a playroom and as a place to sit and read books together in the day. I talk a lot about our books on my blog, and how I enjoy switching up their bookshelves through the year. We have been loving reading different Easter themed books, and now that Little L is a bit bigger, LO and I have beeb enjoying reading to him too. 


For Easter weekend we haven't really made any big plans, so today with the weather being so sunny, we thought we'd make the most of it and head out for the day. We went to a play barn in Leeds which was lovely and quiet as everyone was out enjoying the sun and then headed over to watch aeroplanes taking off and landing by Leeds Bradford airport. It's one of our favourite things to do with LO as he's obsessed with planes, it doesn't cost anything and it's really quite exciting seeing the places soar right over your heads. Plus it felt lovely to be out in sunshine, finally!


We took LO and Little L to the play barn I mentioned twice this week- they have had special Easter activities on all week, and we were lucky enough to be able to go to the craft session which was run by the Creation Station. I was amazed that LO (who recently has been resistant to do any kind of craft activity) sat and happily decorated an Easter egg picture. I discovered some amazing paints they used called Chubbie Paint Markers which come in all sorts of pearlescent and metallic colours, are fun to use, quick drying and make very little mess (no paint brushes, pots or water to spill).

We then went back today and there was an Easter biscuit decorating session and LO loved decorating his digestive biscuit with coloured frosting, smarties, chocolate buttons and rainbow sprinkles. About a week's worth of sugar on one biscuit but it was so much fun. 


I love dressing LO in bright primary colours and recently we have been loving the boys clothes in Next. The prices seem really reasonable, they wash well and there are so many lovely colours and designs to choose from- a better choice of boys clothes than in many other shops I think. The yellow hoodie and bright blue jeans are both from Next (Little L also has a matching yellow hoodie). 
I love this baby grow on Little L which I bought ages ago from Tesco and then put in the back of the wardrobe and forgot about it. The grey and mustard yellow match his nursery and I love it so much I've bought another one in age 6-9 months for when he grows out of this one. 


Lots of singing and music making at our first rhythm time class with Little L. I used to take LO to these fantastic music classes when he was a baby, and I felt I really wanted Little L to experience a class too. It's really helped to settle him and he slept much better as I think the stimulating environment wore him out. It's made me feel better as well and it's been so good to have that time with just me and Little L. 

And lastly...

We are really looking forward to a quiet Easter weekend- we haven't made many plans except for a few family meals. If the weather holds out we will do an Easter egg hunt around the garden (we have most definitely already eaten an entire year's supply of chocolate and it isn't even Easter yet- Mini Eggs and Lindt chocolate...) How lovely is this florists new where we live? They sell flowers by the stem and stock the most gorgeous interiors bits and pieces. I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend whatever you are up to. Let's hope the sun shines for us. 


  1. I love those Ikea shelves. I'm hoping we'll have room in our nursery for some. What a lovely collection of Easter/spring books too. Those activities at the play barn sound great. I bet you enjoyed Rhythm time with Little L. It must be lovely to have one on one time with your youngest. I'm 29 weeks pregnant with my second and wondering how I'll balance the 2 children! x

    1. Thanks lovely- the shelves have really added something special to the room- a bit of colour and interest. Having two can be hard work and it's not without its challenges but I know it'll be much easier when Little L is bigger and can fend for himself in terms of being able to move around and play with his brother. You'll be fine- it's lovely having another little one in the house xx

  2. Loving F's knitted hat, the colour is lovely! I remember doing little classes with Yve's and then when H came along we kind of evolved to the playgroups which they both loved. its crazy how those days have changed and gone already ;(.. We did our Easter egg hunt in a matter of 4 minutes as it started chucking it down! then as soon as we finished - it was sunny. typical! ha.
    Mustard and grey is such a fab combination, we have something similar :) Hope you've had a lovely Easter break xx

    1. Haha he adores his green hat- it's just one from morhercare but he literally will not go out without it! I just hope we don't lose it! Mustard and grey works so well in a nursery- it's a bit different xx

  3. Lovely to have you back joining in with Little Loves.
    We have those IKEA shelves dotted around our house too, they are fantastic aren't they? Love switching around the display on them.
    How gorgeous is that florists, I think I'd be there all the time!
    Hope you had a lovely Easter xx

    1. Thanks Morgana- it's great to be joining in again- I just wish I had time at the moment to get myself organised enough to join in each week! That florists is amazing- so many gorgeous stem flowers and gifts and interiors. Hope you had a great Easter too xx


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