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{The Ordinary Moments 16} #9 'My Blog, Mr F and I'

It was almost two years ago, in March 2014, that I first started writing this blog. I didn't have a clue what I was doing and hadn't even really read any blogs before but being on maternity leave when I had LO, I was desperate to have something to do when I was at home with a new baby and I wanted to keep my brain active. I was pretty good at keeping up with his baby journal book, carefully filling in his milestones: when he smiled, got his first teeth, rolled over and all the other exciting milestones you get to experience with your new baby. But I felt like I really wanted to be able to document more from those wonderful early days. I also wanted to write about and share other experiences as a parent- documenting everything from days out to products we liked using. I remember my first official blog post was all about a Mamas & Papas baby snug chair we had bought. It took me forever to write but once I'd posted it, that was that; I was hooked and since then, blogging really has become an ordinary moment in my life.

I must admit, I have surprised myself that I have stuck at it. I'm not the best at persevering with hobbies and it took me a long time to pluck up the courage to tell some of my friends and family that I was writing a blog. I have no idea how many of my 'real life' friends read it, but I know that family who live far away or abroad love reading all my little updates on LO and Little L and seeing our various photos. It's also so lovely when you get a message from someone saying something I've written has helped or inspired them in some way. 

I really feel that blogging has shaped us as a family and me as a mummy in such a positive way. I've been so inspired by some wonderful blogs and bloggers- it's inspired me more than ever to capture photos of my family, both on holiday and at home. I love joining in with Katie's Ordinary Moments link up and it's really helped me to appreciate and notice the smaller, more ordinary things in life- things which can so easily get ignored or forgotten in this busy family life we lead. One of the other main things I've got out of blogging is my interest in photography and capturing moments from our lives as a family. I've always enjoyed taking photos and had a DSLR camera for quite a few years, but it was only once I started my blog and reading other people's blogs that I started to take more interest in it. 

One of my favourite link ups I discovered a while ago is the Me and Mine project, hosted by the lovely Lucy at Dear Beautiful. Each month for over a year now, we have captured a family photograph- sometimes taken in a beautiful location on a day out or on holiday, sometimes just outside our house. But regardless of the setting, I love each and every photo we have taken. They hold so many memories and I know that I wouldn't have ever got around to capturing so many lovely family photos had I not discovered blogging and Lucy's link up.

Aside from photography, since blogging, I have been so inspired to do so many wonderful activities with LO, from baking and crafts to finding him themed reading books, birthday present and toy ideas, not to mention interiors and style ideas. I love reading blogs like Alex's, Alice's, Natalie's, Emma'sKerry's and Jenny's they're all so inspiring.

Over the past two years, I have seen my little corner of the internet grow slowly but steadily. It certainly isn't up there with the big blogs and I don't make a living from it at all (one day perhaps that would be nice), and I have days where I wonder if I am wasting my time or whether I 'get it'. I certainly don't have a huge following and often wonder how to make my blog grow. It's a labour go love and I put a huge amount of time into it. But for now, I do it for the sheer love of it. Since having Little L in January, I definitely haven't had much time to blog or to take nice photos on my big camera (seems so silly when I'm sat at home most of the day, but typing, as I am now, one handed whilst feeding Little L in my other arm is how it is right now). 

But when I think about my blog, and how I've stuck at it for 2 years now, I really do owe a lot to my wonderful husband, Mr F. He is so incredibly supportive and the driving force behind much of what I do. When I'm doing product reviews, he is there helping me get shots of the products. When we are out and about on a cold, winter's day, and I want to get a nice photo of us all for the Me and Mine link up, he is there running back and forth setting the self timer and the focus, or when we are on holiday, and I'm faffing about taking the thousandth photo of LO on the beach, not once will he moan or complain. He helps and takes such a huge interest in my blog, and it's so touching. In fact, some of our most beautiful photos have in fact been taken by Mr F. When I'm sat feeding Little L, he is often sat next to me after a long day at work, and after doing the bedtime routine, buffering blog posts and tweets for me. 

Recently I noticed a lot of bloggers tweeting about an opportunity with Mark Warner, to become Family Ambassadors. I wondered whether I should enter a post about our dream family holiday but I one of my worst qualities is that I lack confidence and am very defeatist. I thought there's so many amazing bloggers there's no chance I'd ever be chosen, but Mr F nagged me for a week, and finally decided to enter a post. After I thought go my idea, Mr F was there helping me to set up my scenes and run around to find props. It was a real family affair and a true team effort. 

And so imagine my shock and sheer delight when I was on a walk around the park with the boys and I received an email saying we had been chosen to be Family Ambassadors for Mark Warner. I literally almost fell over I was so shocked! I was bursting with pride and couldn't wait to tell Mr F. He was so incredibly proud and bought me a huge bouquet of lilies. I am so thankful to him because more than anything, he is the one who has constantly inspired and encouraged me, over the past two years. But more than anything, he has helped me to develop my confidence in more ways than I can describe. I felt wonderful that through my journey of blogging, I was able to tell him with such pride and excitement that I was to be a Mark Warner Mum and we were able to take our two boys away on two wonderful family holidays this year. 

Becoming a Mark Warner Mum has given me such a boost of confidence and I am so over the moon that my entry was chosen alongside those from Alice, Amy, Caro, Fritha, Jess and Sarah. I am so pleased that people enjoyed my entry and it really is one of the most exciting things to have happened for me. And I can't wait to take my boys away, to create more wonderful memories together and to document them on my little space on the internet so we can look back on them in years to come, as ultimately, that is why I started this little blog of mine. 



  1. Well done A, you should be proud. it's a wonderful this 'blog life' isn't it even if it can be hard some days. Wow two holidays, amazing xx

  2. I love your blog, although I haven't been reading that long in the scheme of things. It sounds like you have come quite far in two years and you should be so proud of yourself - I'm glad Mark Warner has given you a confidence boost! Well done lovely x

  3. Well done! Your post was fab and I have enjoyed reading your blog from the start. x

  4. Oh my, this is such a lovely post. It's so lovely to read that he's so supportive. Having everyone in the family involved with blogging makes blogging so much more fun and exciting. Adam is really supportive of me too and always helps out with videos/pictures/blog posts/my accounts etc. It's so much nicer doing it as a family I think and knowing the support is there. You deserved to be chosen by MW so much, your blog and photos are amazing! xx

  5. HUGE congrats and this is amazing news :) You deserve so much to be an ambassador and I am so excited to meet you soon. I love your blog too and you have done so well xx

  6. Well done you. Good on you for entering!

  7. You should be so proud of being a mark warner mum lovely- it is an amazing opportunity. But you also deserve it, your blog is beautiful and your entry was just out of this world amazing. So well deserved. This is a lovely post and yo have summed up how I feel about blogging too- it is the best thing I have ever ever done! x


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