Wednesday, 16 March 2016

{The Siblings Project 16} Brothers in March

I can't believe this is our third month of being able to join in the siblings project. Time needs to slow down a little... Little L is getting so much bigger and more robust and I think LO isn't as afraid of being around a tiny newborn anymore. He really is as affectionate as these photos suggest and he is always ready to give him a kiss or a cuddle, it's incredibly sweet.

Little L is starting to look a lot like how LO looked as a baby too. Of course there are some noticeable differences- their mouths and lips are very different, their ears are different shapes and Little L has a much more pointy chin than LO did. But there are also some lovely similarities. They both have inherited a cow lick swirl in the middle of their hairline- something which is quite unusual and which will really identify them as brothers when they're older. Their eyes are so similar too- although Little L has a serious frown at times whereas LO always had a more cheeky look about him.

So at nearly 3 months of being brothers, their bond is at that point where LO wonders where Little L is if he can't see him. I doubt he can now remember what life was like before Little L came along in fact, and he's really got used to him being about. Little L is so used to LO's voice and presence that his little face lights up when LO is near him, and he will spend ages tracking him around with his eyes. I really think he knows who he is and it's adorable to watch him smiling up at his big brother.

I really think their bond has developed a lot over recent weeks and I can't wait to see how it continues to develop over the coming months, especially as Little L gets bigger and more able to play with him. This week, with Little L getting so big, we decided to move on from the baby bath and gave him his first bath with LO. It's one of those moments which I think we will always remember- and bath time is such a fun time and I hope that shared bath time will be the start of them being able to have fun and play together.

It's incredibly hard to get photos of the two of them together where one isn't crying or moving or running away, so they're a little out of focus, but I love them anyway as LO is being so utterly affectionate.

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  1. So gorgeous Amelia and Little L is looking a bit less newborn in these photos if you know what I mean? Even though of course he is a newborn, but just less tiny tiny baby! x

    1. Thank you Katie- yes he has changed so much over recent weeks, it's unbelievable! He is looking much less newborn now x


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