Monday, 4 April 2016

Review: Letters to my Baby: A Paper Time Capsule

One of the main reasons I started my blog was to almost use it as an online diary; my little corner of the internet which I could call my own, and document moments of family life, baby milestones and just little bits of life. I have recorded so many things which I know I would never have had the inclination to document had it not been for my blog, from the big holidays, birthdays and days out, to the most ordinary of moments too. But it's all online, and sometimes I do wonder what on earth will happen to the online world in the future. I also think there is something extra special about having some things out to pen and paper- whether that's in a baby milestone book, letters and cards or just sheets of paper. And while I love my blog and all the memories I have documented on it, having special memories, milestones and thoughts on paper seems extra special and it's nice to have something tangible to hold. 

With both LO and Little L, I have been pretty good at keeping a baby journal for them both, alongside everything I document on my blog. It's my way of remembering the milestones, the first time they roll, crawl and walk, the first time they smile and when first teeth come through. I have a book for each of them and I love updating it as each little milestone is ticked off. It's something tangible which I can give to them when they're big boys- perhaps at their 18th birthdays. A gift from myself and Mr F which is sentimental and really special. 

Another thing which I have enjoyed doing, but which I'm ashamed to say I haven't done in absolutely ages, is to write my boys little letters, one of which I have posted on my blog. They're just little ramblings about life and milestones, but I am pretty terrible at remembering to write them. I was really pleased therefore when I received this lovely little book called Letters to my Baby. Priced at £10.99 it's basically a paper time capsule, full of 12 carefully folded sheets for you to write your own little letters to your baby on. Each sheet is sealable and is entitled with a special theme, slightly different to the normal things you might find in a regular baby journal- with titles like 'My wishes for you are...', 'One really special about you is...' and 'I laugh when you...'. 

Each envelope has a little box where you write the date you sealed it, and the date on which it's to be opened. One thing which is nice about these letters is that they can be written whenever you want- with a baby journal, it's often too easy to miss the dates and then the book is left half empty. The titles are maybe a little prescriptive, but really, you could write whatever you wanted in the letters. The principle is that you're recording your memories and thoughts on paper, and your baby can then open them when they are older- basically, a paper time capsule. 

Of course, you could just write your own letters on pieces of paper but something I love about this is the way each page is so beautifully decorated. It even comes with a page of little stickers so you can seal the envelopes, and all your letters are stored neatly in one place. I think having the book with the titles means you're probably more inclined to actually write letters than if you did a DIY version. It is quite hard to keep the book open while you write on the paper, and you need to put a magazine under the paper as you write as the book is quite thick, and so the paper on each page doesn't sit flat on the table but I found it stayed open if I placed a paper weight on the opposite page. 

Overall, it's a really nice product and such a simple, yet sentimental gift. I think that in this technological age, there is nothing nicer than receiving a beautiful handwritten letter and to receive a collection as a paper time capsule would make such a lovely gift for your child in years to come. I also think that the Letters to my Baby would make a fantastic, slightly unusual gift to give to mummy to be at a baby shower- a really thoughtful, personalised gift which I'm sure their baby will be able to treasure forever. 

NB: I was kindly sent the product in return for my honest review. All photos and opinions expressed are my own. 


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