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Selling our House, Relocating and Thinking about our Future

About a year ago, Mr F and I started chatting about the possibility of a house move. I had left my job as a teacher at the nearby school and he was (and still is) commuting ridiculous numbers of miles up and down the country in his car every day for work. We knew Little L was on the way, and we'd be going from a little family of 3 to a family of 4. As you do, we started looking on Right Move, trying to decide on a fairly central area which would work location wise for his job, an area where you can get a lot of house for your money, and also where there are good schools. The area we settled on was Lincolnshire- the west of the county is within easy access of the A1 and close to main train lines to get to London, it has a good reputation for schooling and you can certainly get some very nice houses for decent prices. 

Bar the city of Lincoln itself, it's not a place either of us are particularly familiar with and we certainly don't have any family or friends there, which might lead you to ask why on earth would we move somewhere where we don't know anyone. It's a question which we haven't fully worked out ourselves yet, but what we do know is that it could be a real adventure for our little family and we hope that by moving, albeit to somewhere quite remote, we will be able to bring our boys up in a really nice setting, hopefully with access to a good school, and in a house which will suit all our needs. 

We currently live on the outskirts of a not very nice city in Yorkshire. We are lucky in that while we are only a 10 minute drive away from lots of amenities, we are also far enough away to feel detached from city life. Our village is quite big, and we live in the rural backwaters down a little lane, surrounded by horse fields. The immediate area around our house is gorgeous and very quiet, with bridleway walks right outside our driveway. Unfortunately the local schools aren't great and in my opinion are far too big, especially the local primary school which has nearly 700 children. It's too much of a commute for Mr F and being the worrier that I am, I don't like him being on the road as much as he is. 

Of course, there's then the issue of space. We have lived in our house for 5 years. It is a barn conversion, so quite an unconventional layout. The downstairs is quite open plan and spacious, but the upstairs space doesn't quite match up. It's 3 storey and has 3 bedrooms- one of which is an awkward L shape. The bathroom is on the top floor and the shower room is on the ground floor, which means from our room, you have to either go up or down stairs to use a bathroom. Not a deal breaker, but it got particularly annoying when I was pregnant and up 2 or 3 times a night! We have no garage or loft so are desperate for storage space, and as much of our family live far away, we'd love a spare bedroom.

This January, having not really given moving house much thought for a few months, we suddenly reignited our interest in wanting to move. I think having another little person in the house made us realise that if we didn't get on with it now while our two are still below school age, then we'd probably never do it.

So in January, we took a little day trip down to beautiful Lincolnshire and booked to view 4 houses we had seen on Right Move. In reality we knew it was far too early to be looking but we wanted to get a feel for a few areas, especially as we aren't familiar with the county. We also knew we risked falling in love with a house which we wouldn't be in a position to buy, but we felt it was worth taking the risk. What we did learn is that you can't put in an offer of any kind unless you're in a position to move yourself, so we set about putting ours on the market. I'll write a separate post all about that, but it's now been on the market 6 weeks and had about 9 viewings, with one couple having come back for a second viewing.

The beautiful historic city of Lincoln where we hope to move to [photo source]

And so now it's a bit of a waiting game. We are wondering and hoping for an offer, all the while we keep checking Right Move multiple times a day to see if any new properties which fit our criteria pop up. It's highly addictive and I'll sit for hours in the night while I'm feeding Little L searching for houses way out of our price bracket (term, £20,000,000 on one particularly silly search). We've had a couple of disappointments, with 3 houses we loved getting snapped up. But we always tell ourselves more will come along. We have also discovered that if a lovely house goes, you end up refining your search and stumbling upon something even better anyway. 

And so while trying to sell our home is incredibly stressful- the constant phone calls with the agent, weeks or months of living in a show home like state, ridiculous tidying and cleaning sessions with a baby attached to me in a sling, and strangers coming to nosey around our house, it's also an incredibly exciting time for us. I absolutely love mine and Mr F's little Right Move sessions where we sit together and search for houses, we sit and discuss the future and plan out life with our two baby boys. I know when it comes down to leaving our little house, I shall be incredibly upset to leave it. I really do love it, but I am equally so excited that we get the chance to make a new little life for us, and to begin a new chapter and adventure.

By far my two favourite rooms in the house- the kitchen, which we put in ourselves on a very tight budget when we moved in, and Little L's nursery which we completed recently. I'll be so sad to leave this house behind. 

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  1. Aaah double edged isn't it? Scary but it's SO exciting!!! A real adventure :)

    When we moved up here from Marlow I was slightly nervous as we were moving away from so much that was familiar but it was the BEST move ever! We've totally settled in the east midlands — I LOVE the county we're in. We're just over an hour away from London on the train but it's green and beautiful and feel a million miles away. The boys have a gorgeous nursery where they bring lambs and horses in for them to see — I love it.

    Although you'll be sad to leave your lovely home, I bet you'll find the *perfect* house in Lincolnshire. Thanks so much for linking up with us lovely xx #HomeEtc

    1. It really is a double edged sword and I feel so divided about moving- but I feel very reassured by what you say about your own move. Exciting times ahead (if ever we sell this place!!) xx

  2. VERY exciting! As you know we did it too and it has been the best. We haven't regretted it and life is so good here. Miss my Mum loads but life is just perfect. Good luck!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for linking up, great to have you :) Jess xx


    1. I am super excited and cannot stop lusting over certain houses on right move. But it's such a huge decision- which village or town to settle in, what style of house- cottage, new build, bungalow etc.. I'll miss my sister so much but we all drive so I'm sure it'll be fine! xx

  3. Good luck with it all Amelia. It sounds like you have considered everything. Now to find the perfect home!

    1. Absolutely! I spend every waking hour thinking about moving- I just wish someone would buy out house! haha. Thank you! I'll need all the luck I can get- it seems that moving house is STRESSFUL!! x

  4. Ahh good luck with it all hunny I can relate to the stress. We were selling our house, buying a new one in a new area too two weeks before I gave birth to B my first baby. So I can related and all those viewings and up and down is it now or let downs of later. Sounds like a perfect place though and you can have a beautiful kitchen and this nursery still in your new home too. Although they both are absolutely stunning not going to lie. love them. Thanks for linking up to SWM and wish you lots of luck again on the move.

    1. Thank you Jenny- oh my goodness I cannot imagine the stress of moving just before having a new baby! How did you do it?! I worry about moving with our two boys- I picture LO going and playing hide and seek in a box and getting put in the removal van... The viewings are a total stress- the tidying, cleaning, and then the waiting! Will do more updates of how we get on with it all on SWM xx

  5. Relocating for house isn’t an easy task. You have to say goodbye to friends, find a new place to live. Good lucky!
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