Sunday, 10 April 2016

{The Ordinary Moments 16} #15 'To my Little L at 3 months'

As I type this, it's a sunny Sunday afternoon in early April. Your big brother is in his room having a much needed nap, Daddy is off running a few errands and I am sitting cross legged on my bed with you laid across my lap. You've just finished feeding and have fallen asleep on me. You feel all cosy and warm and as I sit here, I am watching your little chest rise up and down with each heavy breath, not daring to move or disturb you as you fall into a deep sleep. We have had a lazy Sunday morning at home and been out for a sunny walk around out favourite local reservoir. You slept soundly all the way around, while your brother walked and splashed in muddy puddles. I think all that fresh air has worn you both out as its quite a rarity to have you both napping at the same time. Mummy needs to make the most of this so I'm writing this letter to you now while I can.

I can't quite believe it, but last week on April 5th, you turned 3 months. 3 months already? I can't quite believe how quickly time has passed, and I'm so sorry it has taken me 3 months to actually write a letter for you. It only feels like a couple of weeks ago that Daddy and I dashed to the hospital on that cold, misty January night. The night when we waited for you to arrive into the world. Although you were 4 days late and needed a bit of a poke to get you moving, you were pretty good for your Mummy and only took 9 hours to arrive once we had got to the hospital. And there, at 11:24am you were born in a huge water pool. Even now when we give you a bath, you seem so relaxed and at ease in the water- like you're a natural water baby. I'll never forget the moment we scooped you up out of the water and saw your face for the first time. Your eyes were open and you looked straight at me, almost like you knew I was your mama. 

You haven't been the best sleeper in the world, and the first couple of weeks were quite hard. You really didn't like your Moses basket and preferred to be in Mummy and Daddy's bed. But as the days ticked by, you started to sleep in your basket a little bit more, and you started to sleep for 2 or 3 hours at a time. You've done a few nights where you have gone back to sleep in your Moses basket after each feed but on the whole, you like to be cradled back to sleep in Mummy's bed. In the evenings you sit downstairs with Mummy and Daddy and fall asleep in our arms. We carry you up to bed and Mummy feeds you in the dark before you go to sleep. 

Even though being up in the night makes us tired, I really have also loved it- just you and me awake while LO, Daddy and the cats are sleeping. We keep the curtains open and we like to sit and look at the lights in the distance over the city or sit and watch the sunrise while you feed or have a cuddle. At the end of each night, I carefully hand you over to Daddy, and there on his chest you fall asleep until morning. I think it's Daddy's favourite time with you. I love watching you both- you look so comfy and cosy together.

Over the past 3 months, one of my favourite things has been to watch how your relationship with your big brother has grown. He was so nervous about seeing you when you were tiny but now he's got used to having you around. I often catch you watching your brother and giving him a big smile when he looks back at you. I can't wait until you're a bit bigger and can play with him properly. At the moment you like sitting together and will watch the iPad together. 

You really have just slotted into family life so well but deep down I knew you always would. I feel bad that sometimes you're carted around from place to place, but you don't seem to mind. We really can't imagine life without you now. You definitely make it known when you're around- sometimes you're quite quiet but when you cry, oh my do we know about it. It's normally if you have wind (which you get a lot and don't like at all) and you know what you do and don't like. You enjoy lying down if you're out in your pram but at home, you prefer being held. It's difficult sometimes when Mummy needs to help your brother with something or change his nappy or cook, but I also relish every cuddle as I know you won't want to be held all the time once you can crawl and walk. It's been harder to take you to do things just you and me, but we are starting a couple of the same groups that your brother did- and we have our special time just you and me on Tuesdays and Thursdays when he is at nursery. I am really looking forward to spending this special time with you. 

You're very good at sitting in your happy forest bouncer chair when we all eat. I do feel bad that we are all at the table eating while you're in your chair, but you do look happy and enjoy reaching out for the mushroom and apple toys which dangle from the chair. It won't be long before you're sitting in a highchair eating food with us! 

You really do have the cheekiest little smile and the chubbiest cheeks I've ever seen. You have started making the sweetest cooing sounds and we even get a few giggles now and again, especially when we tickle your nose. It's just so lovely to watch. I can't wait to see you grow and develop over the next three months- already I can see your little personality starting to develop- my cheeky, smiley blue eyed baby. My Littlest Baby L. 

Love Mummy xxx



  1. How special. Time flys by and its nice to get these moments to just soak them up and reflect. Your birth sounds pretty straightforward and a lovely memory as oppose to nuts screaming like mine tend to be. ha. Keep enjoying this journey x

    1. It was so much more straightforward this time- the first time I was screaming like mad and it was just awful! Thank you- I love reflecting on these good times so much x

  2. Such a lovely letter and I cannot believe he is three months already- time goes so very quickly doesn't it? I loved reading this because this it is going to be my reality soon enough. xx

    1. Thabo you lovely- I know, time needs to just take it slow! How is my baby 3 months?! Your little one will be that age before you know it xx

  3. Ah he's got so big already! and his little features are changing so much so soon. Can't wait to meet him! x

    1. He's got SO big! And yes his features have changed beyond recognition from the baby he was born as- although I think he looks very different in these photos to how he does in real life for some reason! x


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