Sunday, 17 April 2016

{The Siblings Project 16} Brothers in April

I *may* be cheating a little with these photos as technically I took them on the last day of March. But with a toddler who doesn't really like posing for photos with his baby brother much, it's incredibly hard to get many photos of them together, and seeing as I hadn't shared these I thought I would use them as my photos for April. We actually took them at the same time as our family photos for Me and Mine last month. LO definitely goes through phases with how he is with Little L- he is totally used to him being around now, but is still very much at that stage where he is quite happy to be in the same room as him, but still prefers his own space. 

Little L, at just over 3 months, is really starting to show an interest in his big brother. I'll often catch him watching him intently and giving him a beaming smile if LO acknowledges him. And while Little L can't yet sit up or really interact with his big brother, if we prop him up with cushions he will quite happily sit and watch the iPad or TV with him. It gives me a little insight into how they might be together in a few months time- sitting on the sofa snuggling up together watching a film. 

These photos capture LO's most affectionate side perfectly. And while for the most part, he prefers to sit and still do things in the house independently, I sometimes catch him 'off guard' and he will be stroking his baby brother's hair or giving him a quick little kiss on his head or bouncing him in his chair. Because while at the moment it seems like he's not particularly bothered by him, I know that deep down he does like having a little companion around- and in a few months they will be inseparable. 

The Me and Mine Project


  1. These are really lovely shots and this reminds me so much of my eldest. When R arrived she was never negetive just not all that interested and a little non chalant - now though, 14 months in she adores her, even if she plays it cool sometimes!! Tonight she said having a sister was the best because it made her silly too, and that's perfect for me. He'll get there I'm sure xx

    1. Aww that's so lovely laura and it's made me feel a lot better- mostly because everyone else I know who has a toddler and then new baby, the toddler has been really loving, wanting to help and cuddle them and LO just hasn't been all that bothered- and nonchalant like you say. But these pictures do capture him just as he stopped being disinterested altogether and a little more loving which is nice. Fingers crossed by a year in they'll be like your two xx

  2. Lovely photos they are photos to cherish

    1. Ah thanks so much. Yes we got some printed for my hubby for his birthday xx


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