Sunday, 1 May 2016

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 16: April

Our Me and Mine photos for April are unusually a day late. Normally I'm pretty good at getting them posted on the last day of each month, even if they are taken in a bit of a rush and last minute. But being in the daze that I am at the moment, I didn't even realise it was April 30th or that there weren't 31 days in April! So this month, our photos are fashionably late ;) and taken very last minute, just in our back garden. But they sort of sum up the month for us perfectly...

Even though the year is passing by in a blur, for once, it feels like the month has dragged a bit. We have spent a lot of the month snuggled up in our home, enjoying spending time playing with our boys rather than feeling we have to dash about going out on day trips constantly. We have all been ill with the same virus at one point or another through the month (my turn at the moment) while our littlest we think is in the early stages of teething, so he's been mostly unsettled in the day. He's a very snuggly baby and since he was born he really doesn't like to be laid down- preferring instead to be held and cuddled. It's really lovely and we relish these moments but it does make getting anything done impossible. It's mostly meant that in the evenings when we are utterly exhausted and should probably be in bed, we are spending time tidying, sorting laundry and just generally keeping on top of house things. I am slowly getting used to the waking in the night now and  this month signalled Little L moving from his moses basket into his proper cot, which we have moved into our room. I really can't believe how quickly that milestone came around, but it's certainly helped him with his sleep routine better. 

It feels like we haven't really done much in April- the weather hasn't really been nice enough bar a few days two weeks ago. April saw Mr F celebrate his 33rd birthday in the middle of the month and we also went out for our first date night since we had Little L. Mr F's mum and sister babysat both boys and it was nice to get out even just for a couple of hours. At the end of the month, we also went on a little trip to visit LO's uncle's sheep farm near Huddersfield. It was amazing to be on a proper working farm and LO was absolutely in his element seeing the new lambs, sitting in a tractor and having a ride on a quad bike. 

Excitingly, this month we have also booked our summer holiday with Mark Warner- we are jetting off to Levante Beach Resort in Rhodes, Greece, and although we aren't going until the end of summer, it's something we can really look forward to. Lets hope that we get some sunshine back in the UK before then though...

And so on to May. How we already almost half way through the year is beyond me. We are planning a little family weekend away in a couple of weeks and are really hoping that this month might bring with it some more house viewers and a potential offer on our house so we can get the ball rolling with the house move to Lincolnshire. Fingers crossed!

A bit of a blooper photo to finish with...LO wanted to have another go at pushing the self timer was the end of the world...

This month, I have been loving:
*Watching Little L grow and develop, and his constant smiles
*Taking Little L to baby groups
*Going on a little date night with Mr F
*Snuggly days at home, playing with my two boys

LO has been loving:
*Playing with all his toys at home
*Playing with bubble and cloud dough at nursery
*Visiting his uncle's farm
*Having a ride on a quad bike and sitting in a tractor

Little L has been loving:
*Lying on his tummy
*Rhythm Time and Baby Sensory games
*Smiling and cooing
*Sleeping in his gro-bag in his cot

Mr F has been loving:
*Liverpool's European adventure and beating Borussia Dortmund
*Watching re-runs of Suits

*Getting more sleep

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Lovely photos as always! Levante is literally the nicest place ever - Adam and I have said we will definitely be going back one day. You will LOVE it! xx

    1. Thanks lovely :) They were very much last minute photos! And we cannot wait to go to Levante- I remember you did a blog post all about it- I'll have to go back and have a look at your post :) xx

  2. You will love Levante, it is such an amazing place! And these are such beautiful and colourful photos lovely. xx

    1. Thanks Katie. I am SO looking forward to going. It just felt like the right place to go with our two boys- I remember reading your blog posts about it and saying it was an amazing place- part of the reason why we chose it actually! xx

  3. Aaah I'm so happy that you booked your holiday!! :) That's so exciting! And, like you, my pics were late this month. Although a week is not really fashionably late, so much as plain old LATE!!!! Lovely pics of you all :) xx #MeandMine

    1. Haha yes we finally got it all booked. Super excited about it all and sharing our wonderful holiday on here with everyone. Bet you cant wait to take your boys away too xx

  4. Hurrah for booking a holiday! So excited to go in a few weeks time!! :) Lovely photos and hoping all the illness pass xx

    1. Thanks Jess- these were so so last minute! And it's so hard to get photos when the weather is rubbish! Bet you can't wait to go on your holiday! xx


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