Thursday, 19 May 2016

{The Ordinary Moments 16} #19 'To my Little L at 4 months'

To my dear Little L...

Firstly I must start by saying I'm sorry I'm late in writing this- you're 4 and a half months really, and I struggle to even keep up with how old you are now. I'm hoping to write to you with a little update on life and how you're getting on each month but sometimes life in our family gets so busy with four of us. As I write this it's a Thursday morning. Daddy took your big brother to nursery this morning for me as we had a bit of an up and down night and Mummy wasn't feeling too well. But you've had a good feed and are now laid on the bed next to me. 

I can see your little chest rise and fall with each breath- the sort of breathing you do when I know you're about to fall into a deep sleep. Your little eyelids are looking so heavy, and literally as I'm typing this you have drifted off to sleep. I could sit and watch you all day- the way your lips move when you're asleep like you think you're still feeding, the flicker in your eyes which makes me wander what you're dreaming about. When you do have the occasional day time nap though, I have to get moving and try and get things done as it's so rare for you to snooze soundly in the day.

You're such an incredibly cuddly baby- everyone loves to have a cuddle with you and still don't really like being put down in the day, preferring instead to snuggle up in our arms, you don't seem to like sleeping upright on our chests much now, but if you can have a snooze in mummy's arms then you're happy as can be. but we are trying to get a bit better at this. I'm just relishing every chance to have a cuddle and I definitely don't put you down for a proper sleep as much as I should do. It's now much later in the day as we had to go off to Rhythm Time just after I started your letter. You're now in the kitchen in your pram and I'm willing for you to at least have a little snooze, even if it's just 15 minutes. I can tell you're tired but you're not having any of it...

I know how quickly these early days fly past- soon enough you'll be rolling around, crawling and pulling yourself up. With your brother I was always eager for him to meet his next milestone, but with you, I feel I'm constantly willing time to slow down. I'm in no hurry for you to get to the next stage and I'm just happy being in the moment with you, as you are now. I know that every baby is different and that you too will meet any milestones as and when you're ready. You won't still be rolling around to travel places when you're 16, that's for sure. You have been doing a couple of little rolls with help but yesterday on May 18th you started rolling tummy to back by yourself a few times, and today a few more. 

You are loving your milk and have put on a lot of weight since you were born. I had you weighed when you were 16 weeks and you were 16lbs 4oz. I'm so pleased that I got the chance to breastfeed you, and I'm even more grateful that we have continued on our little feeding journey as long as we have. I absolutely adore feeding you and it's always one of my favourite times of the day- snuggling up feeding you on the sofa and sitting with your big brother, watching something on CBeebies. Sometimes you're quite the greedy one though and I don't think you're always hungry when you want feeding. You get distracted and will glance up and me with the cheekiest grin, raise your eyebrows and then carry on feeding. 

I also love our little night time feeds- even though Mummy is so so tired, I love having that time to have an extra special cuddle with you. Your evening routine is still the same- we change you and put you in your geo-bag downstairs at about 10pm, and then daddy carries you up. I feed you and you will sleep in your own cot in our room. You wake up at different times each night- sometimes its 2am, or 3:30 and then again at 5:30. You always end the night in Mummy and Daddy's bed now- and you'll have a good snooze in there until about 7:30. 

You are making so many more noises now than you were before. You have been constantly blowing raspberries with your lips for the past two weeks, and making the most lovely cooing sounds. You do giggle occasionally, especially when we make silly faces or move your arms in and out to songs, but for the most part you're a smiler more than a giggler. You have the most beaming smile, and your little blue eyes just light up. I love the way you chew on your bottom lip- you suck it in under your top lip so it vanishes and it always makes me giggle. You are changing day by day- your original dark hair has now pretty much all fallen out except for the bit above your neck. It's grown back so quickly and we now call you our little blondie locks. It's so fair and so lovely with your beautiful blue eyes. 

I used to take your big brother to a lot of baby groups and so I wanted to be able to take you to some of your own little groups too. We have been going along to Baby Sensory and Rhythm Time for about 5 weeks now and you really seem to enjoy going. You love the maracas at Rhythm Time and you're always so exhausted afterwards. 

Before you were born I always tried to imagine what life was going to be like with two little boys in our house and now you're here, it's hard to imagine life without you. You really have slotted in so well. You have really taken notice of your big brother in the last few weeks and your face just lights up when he's near to you. Your brother is ever so fond of you and I am just so utterly happy that you both have each other to grow up with and play together with. 

You're sleeping so soundly in your pram but I know it won't be long before you wake, so I will end my letter here. I am so grateful that I can call you mine- my littlest baby boy, my Little L. 

Mummy loves you so very much xxx

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