Monday, 30 May 2016

{The Ordinary Moments 16} #20 'A Little Yellow Hoodie'

Little Yellow Hoodie

Recently I was looking back through some of my photos both on my Mac when I was having a much needed sort through of files, and also on my Instagram, and one of the first things I noticed was the abundance of yellow in a lot of my pictures. But it wasn't just random flashes of yellow here and there, it was more specifically a little yellow hoodie which kept appearing. If you follow me on Instagram you'll more than likely know the one I'm talking about- a bright yellow, sunshiny piece of clothing from Next- nothing remarkably special, and it belongs to LO. Ever since I bought it, he's been well and truly attached to it- he adores wearing it, it goes with just about every other item of clothing he wears (bar the smarter things of course) and is always that one item of clothing that you can just rely on, come rain or shine. 

It sounds so silly but his yellow hoodie has recently almost become a part of his identity- it just suits his personality so well, and it's definitely become one of his 'trademark' pieces of clothing and I know that in years to come, when we look back at photos of him as a toddler, his yellow hoodie will be one of those pieces of clothing which I will always remember. I was looking back at some of my own childhood photos over the weekend with my sister, and we were remarking (and laughing) at a lot of the clothes we used to wear as a family. Very 1980s. 

But there were some things which I spotted which I really remember wearing quite vividly- A funny navy corduroy smock dress with a red button which I was convinced was a smartie which I could eat, the Mothercare matching wellies my brother and I both wore as toddlers- a pair of yellow for him and red for me. I distinctly remember wearing them on a holiday to Scotland and riding in the child seat on the back of my mum's bike on that holiday. My mum was so attached to those dear little wellies that she kept hold of them for almost 30 years, getting them out of storage when LO was born in the hope he might be able to wear them one day too. 

I look at what I dress LO in now, and the first thing that pops to mind is colourful- I adore dressing him in the bright, bold primary colours with white t-shirts emblazoned with a bold picture or pattern, and while Little L is still mostly wearing quite neutral baby clothes, he will inevitably inherit a lot of his brother's clothes, and wear similar sorts of outfits anyway. I don't like spending a lot of money on clothes at all, and it's very rare that I spend any money at all on clothes for me, but when it comes to their clothes, I find it incredibly hard to resist the temptation to buy them something- Mothercare, Next and H & M are my favourite places to go, and now I have two boys, the temptation to buy them similar outfits is even harder to resist. 

Over the past couple of weeks, LO has started to take more notice of his own clothes and more often than not, he wants to have some say in what he wears each day. It can be a bit of a nightmare when he's dressed and ready to go, and then just as we leave decides he wants to change his clothes and go out in his pyjamas (he did go to his sports group the other day actually wearing a pair of pyjama bottoms- I don't think anyone noticed though!) He has gone through a phase of not wanting to wear jeans and only wanting to wear leggings or joggers 'comfies' as he likes to call them, and so now, as part of our very very long bedtime routine, we spend 5 minutes picking out tomorrow's outfit together and laying it out on his chair before he gets into bed. It seems to be working quite well, and he takes such pride in knowing he's helped pick it and tried to get dressed by himself (we're still working on that one). 

He's very much at an age now where he knows what he wants and since his speech has just exploded, is so much less frustrated now that he can communicate fully what he wants. There's most definitely a stubborn streak in him, and at the moment it's through our daily, very ordinary job of getting dressed in the mornings that I see this feisty stubborn trait the most clearly. He is so independent and fiery, yet such a happy, affectionate and friendly soul- and his yellow hoodie just suits him so well- bright and sunshiney, the one who lights up any room with his infectious giggles and his bold, happy 

A few snaps from the past few months of LO in his trusty yellow hoodie...

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  1. Aw Amelia this is such a lovely post. Archie has the same jumper, it is so lovely and bright. I definitely remember like you having treasured items of clothing! I see it a lot in my children now, with both of them they have particular items that they prefer to wear. It is so cute and even thought sometimes I wish they wouldn't put some clothing times together it is also so great they they feel entitled to that extra independence. Lovely post. x

    1. Aw thank you so much Tanita, that's so lovely of you. I think I've seen a photo or video of Archie in the same hoodie- it's lovely and bright isn't it? I think you're right, even though they put together really odd combinations of clothing (like PJ bottoms!) it's nice that they are discovering a sense of self and independence x

  2. Lovely shots, I wrote similarly a few weeks back about my little ladies yellow coat and it's so true it just becomes a part of them. I also do the choosing clothes the night before with my eldest after a few too many mornig meltdowns, we still do it 5 years on! X

  3. I loved reading this. I love it when they have items that just become them, this was Amelia with her hat last summer! It makes them so special, no way will you be able to get rid of that hoodie. Gorgeous photos as always xx


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