Sunday, 15 May 2016

{The Siblings Project 16} Brothers in May

I can't believe this will be the fifth month we have been able to join in with the Siblings Project- the last 4 and a half months have flown past and I don't think I've quite got into the swing of remembering to link up yet. Initially when Little L was born, I found it incredibly hard to get even just one or two photos of my boys together. LO didn't find it easy having a new baby in our family and preferred to keep his own company. But as each month has passed, LO has been slowly becoming more interested in him, more willing to be near him. And this is what I've loved most about  joining in with the Siblings project- of course, I'd take photos of them together when and if I could, but it's so special being able to document them, to notice the smaller changes in their relationship and be able to look back month by month and see how their brotherly bond has developed.

LO definitely didn't find having a baby brother easy but we have been so incredibly proud of him, especially over the last 3 weeks. He seems to have really turned a corner and is really embracing being a big brother now. I'm not sure what's triggered it or if its just a combination of him growing up and being used to Little L being around but he's just been so incredibly sweet with him and watching them together makes my heart just swell with pride- especially as Ive seen how far he's come since January. 

Anyone who knows LO will tell you he's just the most affectionate and caring little boy- very sensitive and aware of other people's feelings. He's very aware of how Little L is feeling and if he's sitting in his bouncer chair while we're eating, LO will go over and bounce him and ask if he's ok. He'll now go and lie next to him and give him kisses and cuddles or even give him his soft toys if Little L is crying. He constantly asks about him and wants to know he's ok. I imagine that LO now can't remember life as an only child and Little L has really filled a space in LO's heart- of course, he has for all of us, he's just slotted in so well to our little family. Before, LO was the only child in the family and now he has his own little chum- his best friend in the whole wide world, as he tells us. 

This past week, LO happily sat and held Little L in his arms while sitting watching the iPad together. I could have watched them both for hours. This past weekend, we went down to Cambridgeshire, our first mini trip away as a family of four. I think taking them both away has helped them bond even more. LO spent the car journey telling us when Little L was crying, he enjoyed pushing his pram and was just so lovely with him, even though he felt unwell with an ear infection himself. We stopped off in a village we think we want to move to and Mr F and I decided then that when Little L is bigger, we  would love for them to share a bedroom, something I think will really help them bond. 

As for Little L, he just gives LO that look that so clearly shows how fond he is of his big brother. He knows when LO enters a room and my heart could just burst when I see Little L's face light up when he sees his big brother. I could not be a more proud mummy if I tried. 

I took these on my iPhone when we had the sunny weather last week. I can't wait to dress them in more matching outfits- LO had the Sesame Street t-shirt and when we found out he was having a baby brother, I dashed out to buy Little L the same one- their first matching outfits. 

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  1. I love their matching outfits! And the last photo especially is just lovely, a really tender sibling moment x

    1. Haha thank you! LO already had the t-shirt last year and then I spotted the same t-shirt in 3-6 months for Little L before he was born, but it's now too small and he's worn it once! Typical! At least I got a few photos of them together in them ;) They're so sweet together x

  2. These are lovely and it is really great to hear he is getting used to being a big brother, it's such a big change for them. My E has always been nonchalant about the whole thing and still now she adores R so much and always wants her around but isn't really into big affection preferring a safe distance!! X

    1. Ah thanks so much lovely. It's funny isn't it how they show different levels of love towards their siblings. often even if they appear to not be particularly affectionate on the surface, deep down they're very much their favourite person in the world. Very sweet x


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