Thursday, 30 June 2016

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 16: June

For once I was actually really organised with our Me and Mine photos for this month- they were very impromptu and taken back in the middle of the month by my sister after we had been out for a lovely Father's Day lunch at a place called Hawthorne Farm near Leeds Bradford airport. The sun was shining, we were all together and we had someone with us to take a family photos so it was a perfect opportunity to grab some photos. I normally take them on my DSLR but sometimes it's nice to just capture a special moment spontaneously on the nearest iPhone! And these most definitely capture us on a very happy, family day- Mr F's 3rd Father's Day but his first as a daddy to two little boys. We'd been out for a walk in the morning and to spot some aeroplanes taking off and landing (one of LO's most favourite things to do). 

Even though I was super organised with capturing these photos, the last day of the month really crept up on me and it was only when I saw everyone else's Me and Mine posts appearing this morning that I realised we were at the end of the month. At the risk of sounding yet again like a broken record, I can't believe where time is flying to. June has seen us spend a lot of time just relaxing as a family, going on sunny evening walks, trips to the park and just generally enjoying time at home as a four. The start of the month was exciting as one of my best friends had a beautiful baby boy, and then at the end of the month she asked if I would be his Godmother. I was absolutely over the moon to be asked as to me, being asked to be a Godparent really is one of life's greatest honours and I was really touched that she asked me. 

Last weekend was a busy one as I was in London for three days for the Britmums conference. I obviously took Little L and my sister came along with me too, so we were able to make a whole weekend of it, seeing my other two siblings and their other halves too. Mr F stayed here with LO and they had an absolutely fantastic boys' weekend together- going to a local summer gala which his mum organises- a real traditional village event, with sweetie stalls, prizes, face painting and things. LO had his first ever ride on a little pony called Spot which he loved, although he looked so tiny on it.  This month has also been the month that Little L has really taken off with his milestones. He has been rolling so much and is much less frustrated now, and this past week, we have also started on his weaning journey. It's early days and we are starting slowly with just a few purees and some easy finger food, but it's been so much fun. 

And so on to July... we realised this morning that it's going to be another one that whizzes by as we literally have so much on. Every weekend is busy, and it's most definitely going to be a month filled with 3rd birthday celebrations (most of his friends) and then of course LO's own third birthday too, which we cannot wait for. 

This month, I have been loving:

*My weekend in London for Britmums
*Seeing lots of lovely bloggers
*Seeing Little L rolling
*Beginning the weaning journey

LO has been loving:

*Playing in the garden
*Helping Little L to roll
*Walks across the viaduct 
*Fireman Sam
*Lots of trips to the park

Little L has been loving:

*Baby porridge, banana, carrot and apple purees. 
*Finding his feet
*Blowing endless raspberries
*Chewing on absolutely anything he can find
*His weekend to London, and meeting lots of new faces at BML16

Mr F has been loving:

*The Euros
*Testing out new cars and choosing his new car
*Hearing Luca blow raspberries
*His weekend with LO

The Me and Mine Project


  1. These photos are just gorgeous, you look so happy and relaxed! x

    1. Aw thank you Donna- we were all pretty happy after all the food we'd had ;) x

  2. I absolutely adore your family captures each month. They are always fun and sunny and bright and you just make it look so easy. hahaha Love these. The kiddos are getting bigger everyday. So great to see you this past weekend babes. #meandmineproject

    1. Aww what lovely thing to say, thank you Jenny. Luckily LO is quite happy to pose for a photo or three... Was lovely seeing you again too, shame there wasn't more time to have a natter xx

  3. I really need to learn to ask family/ friends to take photos each month but I never seem to remember when anyone is around!! These are lovely, so nice to have the sunshine isn't it? #meandmineproject x

    1. thank you lovely! Oh yes, definitely get a family member on board with taking family photos! My sister is always happy to help xx

  4. Was lovely to see you at Britmums and loving these captures this month. I can't believe how big L is getting! and F reminds me of P! x

    1. Sorry to be so slow to reply. Thanks Nat, it was great to see you again too, let's not leave it another year before we see each other! I think F and P would be quite similar! We must all meet up xx

  5. Such a lovely set of photos! I know what you mean about June whizzing by! We were similarly busy! Was so lovely to meet you at BML16... even if very briefly!

    1. Thank you lovely, it was really nice to be able to go to BML16 and to meet you briefly. I do love these photos, they're just iPhone snaps but it was such a happy day we spent together as a little family x

  6. Ah I love these photos Amelia, you especially look so happy and relaxed! x

    1. Aah thank you Katie, haha I think I was deliriously happy after I'd eaten so much food and ice cream ;) but I do feel very content and happy around my little tribe, I'm always me at my best when I'm with these three boys of mine xx

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