Tuesday, 14 June 2016

New Baby Gift Ideas

I've recently had some close friends who have had babies so have spent a lot of time browsing for the perfect baby gift for a newborn.
When I was looking, I found it hard knowing whether to buy something specifically for the baby, the parents or something which was a useful gift for both (I'll do a separate post all about useful practical gifts). I also found it hard deciding on something which would be a bit unique so as not to duplicate the endless soft toys or baby grows they'll inevitably receive. 
Here is a run down of some of the things I have found recently that I think would make lovely gift ideas:

(in order, top left to bottom right)

Blanket by Jojomamanbebe £20- I've both given and received beautiful blankets and they are just so useful for taking out in the pram or for putting on the carpet for baby to lie on. We received this one from LO's godmother from Jojomamanbebe and it really is so soft and practical too.

3D Name letters by Jojomamanbebe £1.25 per letter- A nice personalised gift once you know baby's name. These wooden letters are easy to find in toy shops and garden centres. 

Baby Keepsake Wooden Star by Sophie Victoria Joy £9.50- There's something very thoughtful about a personalised gift and I love the simplicity of this wooden star which I found on Not on the Highstreet. 

New Baby Gift Set by Nova Baby £27.50- We received a baby gift box from Nova Baby from Mr F's company when Little L was born. It was really nicely presented and ours contained a hooded baby towel, a set of vests and a Lamaze toy. There is a range of box fillers available  at different prices. It would make a great gift to send in the post. 

Old MacDonald Money Box by Little Rhymes £17- A nice traditional money box always makes a great gift- there are so many to choose from as well. 

Peter Rabbit Milestone Cards £7.98- I hadn't really come across milestone cards when I had LO. Instead I filled in his baby journal religiously, but when I had Little L, I got a pack of milestone cards so I could take photos of him with the cards at certain stages throughout his first year. I recently got these Peter Rabbit ones for one of my best friends and they're really lovely. 

Alphabet Gift Box by Myla & Oscar £60- I've seen these a lot on Instagram recently and I absolutely adore them. I'd love a set for Little L's nursery but as they are quite pricey I haven't yet ordered any but they'd maybe also make a lovely Christening gift. There are other block options available on the website and the set is fully customisable. They would make a really stylish addition to any baby nursery plus they can also be used later on to help them with spelling and learning to write their name. 

Personalised Wooden Xylophone by My 1st Years £20- I got this idea from a friend recently and thought it was so nice I had to include it. I just love anything personalised and wooden toys are by far our favourite. I also love that it's an instrument so mums and dads can use it early on to play little tunes for babies to hear and then they can play it themselves when they're bigger. 

Personalised New Baby Print £15- I love these personalised baby prints which include details like their name, date, place and time of birth and their weight. There are so many lovely designs available on Not on the Highstreet, but I particularly liked this simple monochrome design. I'd really love to get one for LO and Little L. You can also make your own on websites like Picmonkey and then get it printed properly using an online printing service. 

NB: I haven't been paid or sponsored in any way to write this post, I just really liked searching for baby gifts myself and really liked all these products when I was searching for a gift for my friend's babies! I hope you find the list useful.

What do you think would make a lovely gift for a newborn baby? I'd love to know any other interesting or unusual ideas!

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  1. Oh lovely ideas, I love the print. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x


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