Thursday, 23 June 2016

Our Favourite Baby Toys 0-6 months

One thing we have really enjoyed lately with Little L is being able to dig out some of his big brother's old toys out of storage for him to play with and enjoy. We have always been quite good at rotating toys and we never keep too many out at one time- I am a bit of a stickler for keeping toys clean and in order and I find it much easier if there aren't too many out at any one time, plus we find lots of different ways to use the same toys. He's been really quite interested in a range of toys for a couple of months now and I've put together a little selection of the toys which we have found to be the most used and enjoyed by Little L. I tend to favour toys which are open ended and have a range of uses rather than toys which have lots of buttons and are a bit prescriptive for how they have to be used. Here are some of our favourites... I talk about them in more detail in my video and also show a few others too...

 Musical toys- A maraca, sleigh bells and a little glockenspiel. We use these almost every day and they can be used for so many things. The maraca is one of Little L's absolute favourites.

Sensory fabrics- A handmade piece of fabric with satin labels, a piece of chiffon and long coloured ribbons. 

Tactile toys- A set of soft stacking rings. These Little Tikes ones are fab and each ring has a different texture. 

Lamaze Toys- I LOVE the Lamaze toys. They are so durable and easy to just clip onto the pram or the change bag. We have 2- the giraffe and butterfly, an even after loads of use by LO when he was  a baby, they're still in great condition. They also make fantastic new baby gifts and are sold in lots of shops. 

Rattles- Most babies love rattles to grip hold of with their tiny hands and I never leave the house without throwing one of these lovelies in the change bag. The chick is one from M&S and the bunny is by Guess How Much I Love You. 

Teething Toys- These two toys are some of the only new toys we have bought for Little L as obviously they can get a bit of use with teething. Sophie la Giraffe is just fantastic-it's a rubbery, squeaky teether which is a bit like a dog toy, and decorated with food safe paint. The other teether is by Nuby and Little L is getting a lot of use out of these at the moment.

Baby Safe Mirror- These are great for baby's development as they love seeing faces, and it's nice for them to see themselves (although they don't know it's them until about 8 months I believe?). This is by Bright Starts and can clip onto the cot side too. 

So that's just a little selection of Little L's favourite toys at the moment (he is nearly 6 months old but has been enjoying these from around 2- 3 months). 

I might do a separate post all about different games we like to play with some of these, along with other toys. I've picked up some really fun ideas recently from groups, so do let me know if you'd like me to share some ideas. 

What toys does your baby enjoy playing with? I'd love to know!



  1. Great post and video. I did a lot of these with my first child and will repeat with my newborn when she is older. I plan to make one of the ribbon rings.

    1. Thank you! I find the more simple toys definitely the most effective and most used. good idea to make a few too as they can be so pricey

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