Sunday, 31 July 2016

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 16: July

As I write this, it's late on a Sunday evening. We have had a much needed relaxed day spent at home, we have had no fixed plans at all, and we have just enjoyed playing games, eating lots of yummy food and just enjoyed being in our little house, in between doing bits of sorting and tidying ready for yet another house viewing tomorrow. We have relished having a bit of a quiet day after the month we have had- it's felt incredibly busy for us, with Mr F working away a lot, lots of house viewings (which we are really starting to tire of now), a steady stream of  friend's 3rd birthday parties must weekends throughout July, potty training LO (meaning lots of quiet days at home), weaning Little L, and then of course LO's own 3rd birthday last weekend. I just don't know where the month has gone to. It's only now when I write it all down that I realise just how much we have achieved over the course of a month!

I love having plans and things marked in the calendar but sometimes when every weekend in the calendar has something booked in, I crave having the odd day to just be at home, and this past week has been one of those weeks. Bar the odd trip out to see friends and another party yesterday, we have loved being at home, sitting playing with all LO's lovely new birthday presents, going for little walks near where we live and just enjoying this little place that we call home. We do very much feel in a state of limbo at the moment, just because we really don't know what's happening with house move stuff, so we are trying to make the most of the best bits life here has to offer while we are still here- seeing our friends lots, enjoying our garden and the countryside around where we live.

I love our photos for this month- they were actually taken very last minute and I got my sister to take them for me. We are really fortunate in that we live down a quiet lane with just one other house so we get to go and take photos right outside our garden without people thinking we are completely mad. We feel very fortunate to have this right on our doorstep, it's really picturesque and quiet and we will really miss it when we move. We had taken some on LO's birthday earlier in the week with his 3rd birthday balloon but they were completely out of focus annoyingly, so we had a second attempt with a slightly more deflated balloon! I cannot believe how grown up LO looks all of a sudden. I look at these photos and just feel so content and happy with my little family of boys.

This month, I have been loving:
*Planning LO's Hawaiian beach themed party
*Buying him lots of birthday presents
*A birthday trip to Sundown Adventure Land and to visit a potential house in Lincolnshire
*Days at home and in the garden
*Potty training LO
*Watching Little L really develop and change- weaning, sitting up and beginning to crawl
*Taking the boys to lots of friends' birthday parties
*A brand new blog design (still work in progress!)

LO has been loving:
*His birthday party
*Turning 3
*Wearing big boy pants and no more nappies
*Playing with all his new presents
*Jigsaw puzzles
*Singing Fireman Sam theme tune
*Reading Stick Man

Little L has been loving:
*Beginning to commando crawl
*Beginning to do baby talking 'a-ga' and 'a-da'
*Eating lots of new foods
*Playing with his big brother
*Sleeping on his tummy

Mr F has been loving:
*Working out at hotel gyms when he's away on work
*Watching Little L learn to commando crawl
*Planning LO's birthday party
*Taking LO to Sundown Adventure Land as a birthday treat
*Being able to help feed Little L proper food

The Me and Mine Project


  1. What a lovely set of photos! Such a beautiful setting, and I love the 3 balloon! Sounds like potty training is going really well - I hope when our time comes for this I can write that I'm enjoying it! :) #meandmine

    1. Thank you Katy :) I think we will get him a huge inflatable number balloon each year now! Potty training was an absolute breeze and sheer delight as he was so keen to please and so happy when he cracked it. It was just wonderful to see how proud he was x

  2. These are stunning photos! Really gorgeous xx

    1. Aw thanks lovely. Yours were really stunning too. Hope you're enjoying your new Nikon x

  3. Stunning as always hun! I am yet to start potty training, I am putting it off until baby comes lol! x #MeandMineProject

    1. Thanks Katy- I must thank my little sis- she is great at helping us capture shots of the four of us as it's much harder now as F wants to take control and one person needs to hold L. Ah potty training was great as we left it till he was really ready x

  4. Love the slightly deflated balloon! It must be hard being in that house limbo but nice to appreciate what you have there while you can X

    1. Haha yes we did well to keep the balloon alive as long as we did! We are trying to make the most of being here before we move x

  5. Such amazing photos, you have a beautiful family

  6. Such beautiful colourful photos Amelia, I always love looking at your family snaps each month! And I can't believe Little L is already commando crawling! Time slow down! xx

    1. Thank you Katie- you know me, I love my bright colours :) Ditto, I also love your family snaps each month for me and mine. Yep, he's getting about where he needs to but not proper crawling as yet xx

  7. Beautiful!! Of all the thousands and thousands of images that we are bound to take with our cameras in our lives, none has as much significance and importance as the creme de la creme of portraits; the family portrait.
    Yee Kok Siong


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