Friday, 15 July 2016

{The Siblings Project 16} Brothers in July

These two boys of mine have been brother for 6 months now and as I look back over my photos of them together over those 6 months, aside from Little L changing and growing lots, the first thing I notice is just how much you can tell their bond has grown. Their bond hasn't always been so close and back in January and February LO found it quite hard having a new baby around. But thinking back to that time just makes me even prouder of him, knowing how hard he found it at first and seeing how much he has grown up. As their mama, I've felt so privileged and honoured to watch them grow together as brothers, to witness how their relationship has evolved and to see their love grow day by day. 

I'd say that within the last couple of weeks, LO has really taken even more interest in his little brother, mostly because Little L has reached that 6 month mark, where he's started to become more interested in his own surroundings, in playing with toys and in playing with his big brother and it's the most wonderful thing to be able to sit back and watch- the way his whole face lights up when his big brother comes in the room, or the way he beams at him when he wakes up in Mummy's bed to see his brother is there laying next to him. He always seems aware of where he is and spends a lot of time reaching out with his little hands, pulling his hair or fiddling with his nose and ears. As a toddler he could easily get annoyed at his baby brother, but he doesn't seem to mind one bit and always shows incredible patience. 

Before Little L learned to roll around a few weeks ago, he was getting incredibly cross and frustrated, but LO was always there straight away to encourage and help him, showing him and willing him on to roll to him. He was the first to see him do a proper roll and was so unbelievably excited and proud of his baby brother's achievement, it was possibly one of the sweetest and most genuine things I've ever seen. And now, he is so desperate for Little L to crawl, he has started crawling around himself again, obviously in an attempt to show his brother the ropes! I think once Little L is properly on the move, there will be no stopping them. 

And while we still haven't really got a set routine which we are settled into yet, mostly due to Little L not being a great sleeper, we are gradually getting there. Life with two can certainly be hectic, I am exhausted and look frazzled most days, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't want to wish this time away, the time when my little boys are at such magical ages. It's an incredible honour to get to be the one who takes care of these two beautiful boys each day and to be the one who gets to watch them grow together day by day. 

My Two Boys. 

We took these photos the other evening in our garden. Getting photos of them now is near on impossible as LO has decided he's chief photographer in the house and insists on being in charge of the camera these days. His favourite things to snap are leaves, the floor and random twigs so I snapped these very quickly but I love them for how they capture their little bond, oh, and Little L's very blonde fluffy hair in golden light is pretty epic- he looks so much like a baby chicken ;)

The Me and Mine Project


  1. What gorgeous photos!! You can really see how much LO loves his little brother. Loving their matching hoodies too :) xx

  2. Oh how adorable!!! I love matching my boys too, its the cutest! xx

  3. Look at those matching jackets! so adorable and lovely to see the love in their eyes for each other xx

  4. You can definitely see the look of love for his little brother in LO's eyes. Such lovely photos! Big fan of twinning! xx

  5. Oh love the matching and sunny glowing photos too. Your littlest is getting so big so fast lovely to watch them grow and bond together isn't it? #siblingsproject

  6. Oh these are so much fun! I will have to use this technique once baby is here!! #TheSiblingsProject x

  7. Well I tell you they are lovely photos considering you are saying it is getting more difficult now. The family photos are the only ones we seem to get right. The two of them together never ends up nice for me. #thesiblingsproject

  8. Such beautiful photos Amelia, you can really see them starting to get more like partners in crime. I love the golden light too, I am a sucker for it. xx

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