Thursday, 18 August 2016

Cosatto Festival of Pattern AW16 Collection

As a family we are obsessed with bright, bold colours, and we especially love to dress our two boys in brightly coloured clothing. You only need to glance at my Instagram feed to see just how much I love primary colours. It's no surprise therefore that when I'm out and about with the boys, Cosatto prams and pushchairs are always the ones which catch my eye. They're just so bright and eye-catching and most definitely brighten up even the gloomiest of rainy days.

Cosatto is a brand I always recognise but I've never actually had chance to try one out so I was really excited when Little L and I were invited over to the Cosatto showroom in Bolton back in June to view some of the gorgeous products from the AW16 collection. As soon as we went in, I was in awe of each and every design and just how happy and colourful the showroom felt and I couldn't wait to get a better look at some of their designs and let Little L have a ride in some of their pushchairs.

I know that bright, colourful patterns aren't for everyone, and some people may prefer a neutral pram which goes with everything, but for me, I love the designs and there is so much choice, there really is something for everyone, whether you or your little ones are into space, bold florals, rainbows or even unicorns and camper vans.

I was most definitely drawn to the bold, multi-colour designs, and was so impressed with the feel and quality of the prams and pushchairs. They felt robust, durable and easy to push around. Little L just looked so much more comfortable in them than he does in our current pushchair (which I am constantly frustrated with), with features such as padded shoulder straps and 5 point safety harnesses. I was really impressed with the Cosatto Travel Systems which include prams, duo-directional pushchairs suitable from birth and infant carrier carseats too. We test drove the Giggle 2 in Go Brightly. I loved the look and feel of the pram, which came in a multitude of different patterns, was really lightweight, it felt strong and durable with multi terrain wheels and a really decent sized basket- an absolute must for days out or trips to the shops.
The AW16 collection features so many funky, on trend patterns, like this space racer one and Happy Campers, from the Giggle 2 Travel System. There really is a design to suit everyone.
My personal favourite was the Pixelate design which Little L got to test drive. I was amazed at how spacious the pushchair was and he looked so much more comfy in there than in his current pushchair.

I'm personally more of a fan of the more practical, modern pushchair designs but the Wonder travel system did catch my eye, because I thought it was so stylish with it's vintage design yet with 21st century, on trend prints in 3 beautiful designs. At £1500, it's not cheap by any means, and it probably isn't the right pram for us as we live in the countryside, but you'd feel pretty amazing pushing your baby around town in this...

With a few weekends away in the diary, and also a couple of holidays abroad coming up, I was keen to look at some of their lightweight pushchairs to see what was on offer. I would absolutely love to have one of these with their fun, bold prints. The Supa Go would be ideal for a summer holiday abroad as it's lightweight, fully reclinable and has an SPF 50 sunshade.

We are now just over a month into our weaning journey, and with this in mind, I was also really keen to check out the highchairs in the AW16 range. In all honesty, previously when I thought of Cosatto, I always just thought of prams and pushchairs, so I was pleasantly surprised at the range they had in the collection. I really liked the 3sixti2 highchairs- these are quite hi-tech, with a multiple height smooth gas lift, so babies can be fed at different heights. It can also spin around to face different directions. Importantly, because we all know how messy meal times can be when a baby is weaning, the highchair also has a pop-off tray which can be removed and washed.

If you're after a more traditional highchair design, there are also a whole host of lovely designs to choose from in the Noodle Supa Chopstick range.

Having had a few problems with carseats and escaping toddlers previously, when I saw that Cosatto had a carseat with a 5 point plus anti-escape system harness I was keen to find out more... Apparently more than 70% of children can wriggle out of their carseat (LO managed to with a previous carseat we had...) but in tests, 9 out of 10 children could not wriggle out of the Cosatto anti-escape system, which I thought was pretty impressive stuff. The range of carseats included infant carriers, group 1 carseats (9kg to 18kg) and Group 1, 2, 3 carseats (9kg to 36kg). I know LO woula abolsutely love this bold London bus print for his carseat and it would most definitely brighten up any car!

Thank you to Cosatto for inviting Little L and myself over to the showroom for the morning to have a look at all the amazing products. I am such a massive fan of their prints and the sheer choice which is on offer. I would most definitely push a Cosatto pram around town with pride.

For more information or to have a closer look at the AW16 collection, head over to the Cosatto website.



  1. So interesting to see all this. I had to miss it this time sadly but I love their colours and bright funky patterns!

    1. It was a fantastic trip and so fun to visit Cosatto HQ! The colours and patterns are gorgeous!

  2. Oh wow! I love the Happy Campers - so cute!! x

    1. The Happy Campers design was super popular! Very cool! x

  3. This all looks so so stunning! I must admit I am an all black and white person...but I do appreciate how gorgeous the colour is and think it looks totally fabulous! xx

    1. The showroom is just gorgeous! So bright and cheery. I am a bit of a sucker for bright colours! We are all about the bold primary colours! x

  4. This all looks so so stunning! I must admit I am an all black and white person...but I do appreciate how gorgeous the colour is and think it looks totally fabulous! xx


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