Wednesday, 31 August 2016

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 16: August

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you may well recognise these beautiful pastel coloured beach huts from our posts on our trip to Bristol and Somerset earlier in the month. We had a long weekend down in the West Country to visit family, and that was most definitely the highlight of the month for us. These beach huts were on the promenade in Weston-super-mare where we spent the day at the beach. They were so pretty that made the most of it and posed for a few different photos while we were there, and then of course took a few family photos as well before we headed home for the day, feeling a little windswept and covered in sunscream and sand. 

We love nothing more than to travel and to get away from the monotony of our daily routine once in a while, but it's something we haven't done much of lately. I'd really like to make more effort to get away with my little family a bit more, as we always have such an amazing time, and the boys always seem to thrive whenever we go away- reaching some sort of milestone after we've come back. Since we came back from our weekend away at the start of August, we have all been craving a holiday again, and luckily we have our Mark Warner holiday to Rhodes to look forward to in a week's time. It cannot come around soon enough.

Aside from our trip to Somerset, we also had some very exciting news this month that we sold our house, in fact, we accepted an offer outside Wells Cathedral just before we set off home from our trip away. We then also had an offer accepted on the house we were looking to buy just a few days later, and as such, August has mostly involved a lot of boring but very necessary paperwork, lots of calls to solicitors, estate agents and conveyancers and starting to plan and think lots about our future in a completely new part of the country- one where we don't have family or actually know anyone at all. 

Because of important house related things, we maybe haven't made the most of the summer this month, and it almost feels like August has dragged a little, but that's real life. But in reality, there's nothing nicer than enjoying time in your own home and garden, going for walks around your village and enjoying BBQs in the late afternoon sunshine. We have also been working harder on getting Little L into some sort of routine. He's not the best sleeper and so we have spent the majority of the month dedicating time to working out his sleep patterns and encouraging him to nap and get to bed earlier. It's certainly ting and most definitely not fun establishing a routine but it's what's best for everyone in the long run. It's been nice to have a slightly slower pace of life and to just make the most of our little home before we pack away and begin a new life as a four in Lincolnshire. 

This month, I have been loving:
*Playing in the garden with the boys
*Seeing family in the West Country
*Working on new blog design
*BBQs with friends

LO has been loving:
*Reading Farmer Dougal Gobble Gobble Moo Tractor book
*Playing cricket on the beach in Weston
*Building sandcastles
*Playing with jigsaws

Little L has been loving:
*His first trip to the beach
*Trying lots of different foods
*Commando crawling
*Daytime naps in his pram
*Playing more with different toys

Mr F has been loving:
*Selling the house
*Planning things for the new house
*Start of football season
*Liverpool v Arsenal game

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Such a lovely photos, and what an exciting month for you selling your house! I hope that the moves go well, Lincolnshire is lovely xx

  2. Such lovely photos! I love your top! Looking so forward to seeing how you all got on on holiday . xxx

  3. What an exciting time you have ahead of you! Sounds like a bit of quiet and down time is just what's called for before the big move! Gorgeous pictures!

  4. Love a good beach hut! Good luck with the move you have a busy time ahead but exciting x

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