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{The Ordinary Moments 16} #23 'Being 3...'

Things have been a little more quiet lately on my blog than normal and with life being slightly chaotic in recent weeks, I just haven't had as much time as I'd like to sit down and write about so many things which i'd love to have documented but just haven't had chance to. One such thing was LO's third birthday which was at the end of July. He had such a lovely birthday weekend with a little birthday day trip, a party and lots of lovely presents, I want to document it all properly and will hopefully do a separate post all about his birthday. But while it's nice to store memories about the milestones and bigger days, it's also nice to document more of the day to day things too.

And so I wanted to write this letter to LO, for him to read when he's older, all about him turning 3.

To my dear Little One,

Life has been a little chaotic around here lately, and so I'm a bit late with writing this to you, but I suppose it shows you what life was like at the time you turned 3. I'd have loved to have been able to look back on what my everyday life was like at your age so I hope this gives you a little sneak peek at how life was in the summer of 2016- the summer you turned 3.

You really seem to have changed a lot recently, you've become so grown up and I think a lot of this is because a week or so before your birthday, on July 16th, you started potty training. We decided to leave it quite late, but we wanted to leave it until we knew you were ready. You're a bright little button and we knew you'd crack it. Little did we know that you'd master how to use a potty in one day. Chocolate buttons and treats definitely worked as a bribe- you just can't say no to chocolate buttons as I think they're one of your absolute favourite things. Mummy and Daddy could not have been prouder of you- the way you listened, were so sensible and took such pride in collecting your stickers for your potty chart. I really needn't have worried about potty training and I am so grateful that you made it all so easy for us. I know that everyone in our family and the staff at nursery were all incredibly proud too.

Speaking of nursery, just before you turned 3, you got to have a few sessions to try out the pre-school room. You'd been in the toddler room for about a year I think, and so it was time to move up with the big boys and girls. I know some of your little friends like Lawson, Jude and Sofia had all moved up so it's nice that you have been able to join them again too. You're now in pre-school room every Tuesday and Thursday and you seem to be really enjoying it. When we move house, I will be so sad to say goodbye to your nursery as you've loved it there and seem to have some lovely little friends.

To celebrate your birthday this year, Mummy and Daddy took you back to Sundown Adventure Land, which is where we went for your second birthday too. This year you got to take your baby brother along too and he enjoyed all the rides with you. You had lots of fun in though it was a bit busy, and we had a lovely picnic on the grass together. This year you also got a proper little Hawaiian beach themed birthday party with all your friends. I think a third birthday is the first one that you remember and know fully what a birthday is. You got some really lovely presents- a slide and sandpit from Mummy and Daddy, and then all sorts of toys and games too- lots of puzzles as they're your favourite thing to do, a cash register so you can play shops, a Duplo train which you love, and all sorts of other things too.

You have always been incredibly affectionate but the other day, Daddy and I were watching you and we commented on how utterly adorable you are at the moment. I think it's linked to potty training, but we have had no meltdowns at all, and on the whole you are very content and happy to just play, dance about, sing, read or curl up on the sofa and watch your favourite TV programmes (Fireman Sam and Thomas are still your favourites and you love watching Curious George on the iPad). Although you do have moments each day where you don't listen and won't switch off what you're watching- you also insist on pressing the pause button on the remote and get quite cross if anyone else attempts to even touch the remote.

You are still a good little eater- a little bit fussy sometimes, and you most definitely have strong likes and dislikes of certain foods and meals. You adore Mummy's home cooking like spaghetti bolognese, macaroni cheese, cheese on toast, and roast chicken dinner. You also love having Alpha Bites each breakfast which are shaped like letters of the alphabet (you call them Bear Crunchers). You pick up each individual letter and tell me what the letter is and a word that begins with that letter. It makes breakfast take a long time but I love how you have such a thirst for learning.

You've always been a fantastic sleeper since you were tiny, and Mummy and Daddy could not be more grateful, especially now with your baby brother not being a good sleeper really. You love your bath time and a few times a week you get to share your bath with your baby brother. One of our favourite times is bedtime, and we love nothing more than to sit next to you on the bed and read you a few bedtime stories. You have so many books but at the moment your favourites are Stick Man, The Scarecrow's Wedding, Just Imagine and The Gruffalo. Your love for books is incredible and I think you'll really enjoy learning to read when you're a bit bigger. Your memory amazes both Daddy and I- the way you can recite whole books is amazing and it just makes my heart burst with pride when you go and read a whole book to someone.

Life right now is quite busy in our little house- your first ever house in fact. But we won't be living here for much longer which makes me sad, but it's also exciting too as you and your brother will get a new house, a new bedroom and a really lovely garden to play in. Daddy might build you a tree house and you can run about and play cricket together. You'll be going to a new school next year too, one which is just a couple of doors down the road, but we don't need to be thinking about that just yet.

One of the things which has made us both more proud of you than anything else though, is how wonderful you are with Little L. You really are the sweetest big brother. You didn't find it easy at first but over the past few months, you have become so grown up, and you are fiercely protective of him. You give him kisses and cuddles when he cries and give him toys too. When I take him to nursery to pick you up, the other children swarm around him to have a look and you always say "No, he's my baby!" which I find so sweet.

And so for now, until we do move, we shall continue to go about our ordinary everyday moments like we do each week. It's those ordinary ones which we love the most- the days where it's just you, me and your baby brother (and daddy at the weekends). We love going to multi sports on a Monday and Friday, and then we might see friends or go for a walk or have a day at home on a Wednesday, before you go for your sleepover at Granny's every Wednesday evening. You thrive on our ordinary weekly routine, but you also love our little trips at weekends too.

So that is what your life looks like at age 3. I think the coming year is going to be a really exciting one for you- the last year at home before you start school. And Mummy and Daddy want to make it the best year ever for you.

Our sweet, independent, wilful 3 year old.

Mummy loves you more than you can ever imagine. xxx


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