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Cosatto Supa Go Pushchair Review

You only need to glance at my Instagram feed or my photos to see that as a family, we are huge fans of bright, bold colours and exciting prints. I love to dress the boys in bright colours and we tend to choose colourful baby and toddler products where we can, from bright carseats and prams to multi coloured highchairs. We were really excited therefore, when we were offered the chance to try out the Supa Go by Cosatto.

The Supa Go is ultra streamlined and lightweight, so absolutely perfect for travelling and going on public transport. The pushchair was absolutely perfect for taking on our recent trip to Rhodes and we got so many lovely comments about the pushchair while we were away.

Having been to visit the gorgeous Cosatto showroom to have a look at the AW16 collection back in the summer, I knew their latest prints and designs were fantastic, and we were really excited to pick the Rev Up design as its bold, colourful, unique and perfect for little boys obsessed with cars and vehicles.

What did we like about the Supa Go?

  • We were able to use it straight away as there was no setting up or putting together required. 
  • The bold, colourful car print design is fun, eye catching and very stylish. A pushchair to be proud of. 
  • The huge SPF50+ sunshade is fantastic particularly when abroad in sunnier climes. 
  • It's lightweight and has a carry handle.
  • The one handed fold up system makes it easy to collapse down. 
  • We loved the 4 position recline mode and mechanism. 
  • It's fully reclinable meaning it's suitable from birth. 
  • The extendable handles make it perfect for both myself and my tall husband to use. 
  • The attention to detail with the design. 

I was so excited when I saw the Cosatto box arrive. It's actually the first Cosatto product we have had so I was really keen to try it out after having tested out and totally fallen in love with their products with Little L in their showroom. I was pleased that we could basically use the pushchair straight away and it was all constructed and ready to go. It looked sturdy and easy to operate. That's the kind of pushchair I like. 

As I said above, we chose the Rev Up design because of the fun bold pattern. I really was blown away by the design, with all it's little cars and bright colours. The Supa Go comes in 4 fun designs- Rev Up with cars, a Unicorn design, Happy Campers, and Hoppit space hoppers, so two more girly designs and two boyish designs. I do think the patterns are quite gender specific- it's a shame there's not a more gender neutral design in the range too. 

The attention to detail on the pushchair also really amazed me, like the yellow detail on the wheels and the addition of a little car design on the end of each handle. Speaking  of handles, these are really nicely padded and also extendable, which is perfect for my husband and I as he's 6 foot and I'm only 5ft 4. 

The sunshade is amazing as it's SPF50+ and absolutely huge which is ideal for when you go away on holiday to sunnier climes, or indeed the odd sunny day in the UK. When we went to Rhodes, the huge sunshade was invaluable and we basically had it covering Little L the whole time we were outside. The Supa Go also comes with a standard rain cover for those frequent rainy days we get. 

The Supa Go is such a streamlined pushchair, with a one handed fold down system and auto-lock collapse. It also has a carry handle too. It means it's really simple to use particularly when you're on public transport or going on an aeroplane. 

One of our favourite features is the one handed multi-recline system. The recline handle makes it easy to use and there's no messing about with straps and cords like on some other pushchairs. There are 4 recline positions and the fact it is fully reclinable means it's suitable from birth. I'm not sure I'd necessarily use it from birth as I'd prefer to have a baby more encased and snuggly (there's no footmuff with the Supa Go) but at 8 months, Little L was really comfortable and had his morning nap in the pushchair each day on holiday. He easily slept for 2 hours and I think this is proof of how comfortable he found it. 

With previous pushchairs we've used, we have had problems with the handling and wheels. We were really pleased with how easy the Supa Go was to handle and push around. It feels sturdy yet lightweight at the same time and the swivel wheels make it easy to steer. We haven't tried the pushchair on rugged terrain but we did try and push it across a sandy beach- that was quite difficult, but then again, I think most pushchairs are hard to push through sand. 

Even though I tend to drive everywhere with the boys and therefore rarely need to carry shopping about in the pushchair, on holiday we did find the basket really handy. It's not huge but it's big enough to pop a few bits in like the boys' drinks bottles, a towel or two and a few baby essentials like nappies and wipes. One niggle is that it is a bit tricky to get access into the basket while it's fully reclined. 
Even now at home, we keep the Supa Go in the house every day as we find it so handy for the morning nap. Little L still refuses to nap in his cot yet he will quite happily be put in the Supa Go and I can easily nip out for a walk with him and leave him asleep in the pushchair in the utility room, even if just for a half hour kip. 

Overall we absolutely love the Supa Go and we get so many lovely comments when we take it out and about, with people saying what a fun design the Rev Up print is. The Supa Go pushchair retails for £165 which I think is a really good price for the design and quality you know you get from Cosatto. I would most definitely recommend the Supa Go to anyone looking for a lightweight pushchair which is public transport friendly or for anyone looking for a great pushchair to take way on holiday. 

We were very kindly sent the Cosatto Supa Go pushchair in exchange for an honest review. All photos and opinions expressed are our own. 


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