Monday, 31 October 2016

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 16- October

What a strange old month October has been. One of living in utter chaos, feeling in limbo and not sure of where we were going to be each week and basically living in and out of boxes for the entire month. I really thought that by the time I published this post that we would be living in our new house down in Lincolnshire, or even moving out the same day. Frustratingly, as with most house moves with chains, we are still sitting here waiting, surrounded by boxes, half packed up wardrobes, half empty kitchen cupboards. We have still not had the call telling us a moving date or when we can exchange contracts and it's getting a bit tedious now. If you've moved house you'll know how frustrating it is. I'm sure it'll happen sometime this week, we'll receive the call from our solicitor and it'll be action stations, but until then, we are waiting and just hoping that the chain doesn't fall through...

Aside from the worry of the house move, we have really been trying to enjoy this last month in our house which we so love. We have lived here 5 and a half years but honestly, the last 3 have been by far the best. Having our two boys around has just brought our house to life. Their presence has transformed it from a house into a home. Their little bedrooms with their cot and toddler bed, the endless little baby vests and sleep suits hanging on radiators to dry, the piles of toys in every room, the wooden cha-cha train track and trains which lie on the lounge floor every evening, the chaos and mish mash of little coats, hats and shoes all add to the character of the house and it's these little things which have made it feel so much like home. Our home. I feel like I've really noticed these little things more this past month, probably because we have been packing so many things into boxes yet we have  tried to maintain a sense of normality and homeliness for the boys by not packing any of their treasures or toys away, I just seem to have noticed them more lately. 

As well as packing up the house, we have had to wind down with other things like groups too. We had our final sessions of Rhythm Time and Baby Sensory the week before half term and then with half term itself, it meant LO had no nursery and Little L had no groups either. It did make half term week quite long but it also made us make the most of enjoying other things too. Things like lazy days in the house doing crafts and Halloween painting, carving pumpkins and going for walks to collect leaves near our house. I'm definitely one who prefers to get the boys out of the house each day but I  think subconsciously I have been trying to make more effort to enjoy activities closer to home as I'm mindful of the fact that we are moving to such a remote area where we will have to make our own entertainment a little more and be less reliant on groups maybe. 

We have also done a couple of really nice things around our local area in Yorkshire this month too. We are so lucky with where we live as there are so many amazing famous places to see and visit right on our doorstep. We went on our traditional yearly trip to a pumpkin patch in Pontefract which was so much fun. As it's become a bit of a tradition I'm sure we will do it again next year and drive up from Lincolnshire. I have started to use the train a bit more too as I get a bit bored of the same old drive each day so I took the boys on a couple of train rides up to a pretty market town near us called Skipton. We went to a really sweet pottery cafe where they sat together and painted a Christmas ornament and we did Little L's footprints on a tile. We went back on the train again last week to collect their pottery once it had been fired in the kiln and I honestly think it was one of the nicest days I have had with both of them ever. I'm rambling a little but I wanted to document it as it really was the most perfect little day out and they were both so sweet the whole day. LO was just so thrilled to go on the train, we had a little walk and potter around the shops and enjoyed hot chocolates with cream and marshmallows in Cafe Nero. As I often say, it's these simple days which we all thrive on and love the most. 

So that brings us to yet another month. I cannot believe how quickly the year is going. November sees me celebrating my 31st birthday (tomorrow in fact), Little L turning double figures (10 months!), fingers crossed a house move and complete upheaval to a new part of the country and beginning a whole new chapter in our lives as a family of four. I'm nervous and excited in equal measures and it's going to be such an adventure. I am hoping that our November Me and Mine photos might just be outside our new home... let's see...!

Our photos for this month were taken at one of our absolute favourite places- a beautiful forest and nature reserve 10 minutes from our house. I look at these photos and feel incredibly lucky to have so many stunning places so close by. October has definitely been about enjoying our final month in Yorkshire and truly appreciating the stunning landscape that we have been able to call home for so long...

This month, I have been loving:
*All things Halloween- crafts, baking, pumpkin carving.
*Taking the boys to do pottery painting in Skipton
*Autumn walks
*Lighting my Autumn scented candles
*Hearing Little L's little voice
*Watching The Fall, GBBO and the Apprentice

LO has been loving:
*Dressing like a pirate for Halloween
*Halloween baking
*Singing nursery rhymes
*Autumn walks
*Going on a train ride to Skipton

Little L has been loving:
*Proper crawling instead of commando crawling
*Making lots of new sounds
*Anything to do with cats

Mr F has been loving:
*House of Cards on Netflix
*The Fall and The Apprentice
*Liverpool being unbeaten
*Pumpkin carving and our trip to the pumpkin patch

The Me and Mine Project


  1. What a beautiful photo and a lovely spot to explore close to home. Fingers crossed you get the call soon and all the packing and living around boxes will be worth it :)

  2. Gorgeous Autumn photos! I feel your pain with moving, its such a long drawn out and stressful process. We sold our house at the weekend and I can't believe we are moving again. But its all for a good reason and it will be worth it when we get to our new house and I am sure it will be the same for you too. x #meandmine

  3. Oh how frustrating about the move, I've got everything crossed you get the call soon, and it all goes smoothly. These photos are beautiful, I love the autumn feel to them xxx

  4. Fingers crossed that November brings a house move! Lincolnshire is a beautiful part of the country, wishing you lots of happiness in your new home and a happy birthday for tomorrow #meandmineproject

  5. Oh these are such stunning photos Amelia. So frustrating about the move though, hope it gets sorted soon xx

  6. Such lovely autumnal shots. I hope the house move comes soon for you it is so hard bein gin that limbo especially with children x

  7. Ahhh lovely family captures as always you capture the happiest and smiles of your beautiful little family each month. Love your photos and gorgeous location. Lucky to have so many fun amazing places nearby for sure. #meandmineproject

  8. Aaaah bless you — I can't believe you've still not moved!!! Ah — I will keep everything crossed that you'll be in in plenty of time for Christmas. Beautiful shots nevertheless :) Cxx #MeandMineProject


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