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Our Holiday to Levante Beach Resort with Mark Warner- Part 2

Last week I wrote my first post about our recent family holiday to Levante Beach Resort in Rhodes with Mark Warner. I realised when we got back that I'd taken over 600 photos on my DSLR, not to mention all the video clips and iPhone photos too, so I wanted to split them across a couple of posts.

Here is the second part of our holiday...

Before we went away on our Mark Warner holiday to Rhodes in Greece, we knew that we would be staying in a beautiful location and in a stunning hotel with comfortable beds, great food and amazing service. After all, it's what we as a family look for in a holiday. But one thing we were really interested to find out more about was what Mark Warner holidays are renowned for- their sports facilities (especially water sports) and their childcare provision as these are two things we haven't experienced on any previous holidays.

We were able to try out the fantastic childcare service offered by Mark Warner. The staff are British qualified nannies and the service is absolutely fantastic. I'll talk more about the childcare in a separate post but I wanted to include some of my most favourite photos from the holiday in this post as I literally get tears in my eyes looking at them. As LO is 3, he was in the Mini Club and we put him in the afternoon sessions. I was amazed at even aged 3, he was able to get the chance to try out some watersports with his key worker Siobhan and a qualified Mark Warner instructor. Here they are on a sailing boat together. What an absolutely amazing thing to be able to experience at the age of 3. 

We knew he was going to be going sailing so we went and hid on the beach and watched from afar. I was literally crying my eyes out watching him walk down to the shore with his huge lifejacket on, I felt so overcome with emotion watching my baby boy go sailing. Even now looking at these photos I can feel tears pricking at the backs of my eyes. I think it was that I knew he was a bit scared, but also that he was being really brave too, and also the fact that his key worker Siobhan was so brilliant with him.

That's our baby boy and his little friend from afternoon childcare sailing a boat! Amazing!

 The Mark Warner staff are just incredible and I trusted them implicitly the whole week. They are highly competent.

One of my proudest moments as a mummy (I was still sobbing my heart out...). If you know LO you'll know that he isn't keen on doing things out of his comfort zone. He's very cautious about things and this was a huge step for him to be able to go out in a boat on the sea and go sailing without mummy and daddy.

 Mr F really enjoyed the chance to take LO out in a kayak. The watersports are a big thing at Levante Beach Resort and you can choose to do kayaking, windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding too, all of which are included in the price.

 He looks so little sitting in his kayak.

The quality is a bit rubbish as we had the iPhone in a waterproof case but one afternoon when the boys were in childcare we decided to give stand up paddle boarding a go. I am surprised that I did it as I don't really like going in the sea. It was hard to balance but such good fun and all included in the price. You can do an introduction to paddle boarding session but we went straight out and taught ourselves.

 Obviously Little L was far too little to go out in a kayak so we watched from the beach and played with the many many pebbles.

 It was lovely just sitting on the beach with the warmth of the sun on our shoulders watching the sailing boats and people attempting to learn how to windsurf. We didn't try the windsurfing but you can do a 3 hour taster course. It's a lot harder than it looks!

 I love this photo of the beach. Levante Beach is most definitely aimed at those who enjoy being a bit more active on their holidays, but equally, it's just as fun for those of you who like me, might want to relax mostly and just try out a new activity once or twice. It was nice having the option to give something sporty a try.

 On the Saturday, we didn't have the childcare in the afternoon so we decided to catch the bus from the next door hotel and go for a trip into Rhodes. The journey was a little longer than expected and was probably around 50 minutes. We chose a particularly hot day to go so it was pretty tiring, but it was nice to have a change of scene. I must admit I don't like staying in a resort the whole week without going out once or twice to explore the local area. We walked to the castle which is near the harbour.

 It had some nice shady areas and LO loved having a little explore up and down the stone stairways and peeking out of the old windows to spot boats and cruise ships.

 It was so hot in Rhodes Town so we headed into the old part of the town and found a lovely traditional Greek Taverna where we ate some delicious lunch.

We ate so much food this holiday as it was so tasty. The Greek Taverna served this yummy Pork Gyros dish. We didn't spend long in Rhodes Town but LO enjoyed the change of scene and he really enjoyed having a potter around the touristy gift shops where he bought some little gifts and postcards for family.

 Although it was nice to have a change of scene, it felt great to get back to the resort and it really started to feel like a home from home over the course of the week. This photo really sums up LO- he helped himself to a fence post and took it for a walk. Very random but very him.

We took one of our old cameras for LO to use as he is getting really interested in taking photos. I might make a little collage of his photos in a later post...

 A team effort by the brothers to put the fence post back in it's rightful place... Boys will be boys.

My little blondie locks at 8 months. Such a happy smiley baby (except at night time). The staff at the hotel adored him as he gave them such cheeky smiles and the restaurant manager Mika and restaurant waitress Kiki were particularly good with both boys.

This little pumpkin changed so much over the course of the week. He also ate more than we did put together I think. The buffet style restaurant is great for babies and fussy toddlers though as they can try small portions of wide variety of different dishes- many more types of things than he'd get at home.

 LO got very attached to this inflatable aeroplane which was in the baby pool all week. After our littlee trip to Rhodes Town, the pool was a very welcome relief.

And Little L got so much more confident at going in the water over the course of the week, from really disliking it the first day to spending at least 30 minutes at a time in there by the end of the week. We took a Zoggs inflatable ring for him but we didn't need it in the end as there are so many lovely toys and floats available for you to use. 

 Pool selfie.

I am also going to be doing a post dedicated to a review of the hotel itself too, so keep a look out for that one, plus more photos. I've also finally made a video of our amazing week away at Levante Beach Resort if you fancy watching it...

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**Update** The link to the video was previously not working due to issues with the music so I've now updated the first song and the link should now work!**



  1. Really lovely photographs Amelia, I can't help but smile when I see Levante. I really trusted the staff there too, it was like a home away from home. And the food! Oh the food! I'd love to taste it again! x

  2. Such fab photos lovely. What a wonderful time you all had. So very special indeed. I could feel the emotions through your writing and can totally relate what an amazing opportunity for your LO he had such a big smile on his face. I feel so proud of him just reading this post. Your photos are stunning, it looks so beautiful there. And good for you for giving paddle boarding a go that must have been hard but so much fun xx


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