Thursday, 17 November 2016

{The Siblings Project 16} My Brothers in November

It's strange how we are nearly at the end of the year now, the year in which we have had 10 months so far where I've been able to join in the siblings project since L was born in January, and yet I still can't get my act together to do my siblings post in time for the middle of the month. I always seem to forget it or let it pass me by completely (like I did in October). As I type this, it's my first blog post since we have moved house and I am determined to get more organised, not just with siblings posts but with blogging and life in general. To be fair, I have been rather busy with moving to a new county and also we only got internet two days ago. Our mammoth house move has dominated our lives for so many months and now that we have finally moved, I feel like I can take a deep breath and take life at a slightly slower pace.

But this post isn't about the house move and I shall no doubt talk more about that in depth in a separate post as I have so much I want to share and write about. This post is about my boys, our brothers, LO and Little L and actually, it seems fitting to share some photos I snapped quickly in our new back garden. The weather here seems to be a few weeks behind Yorkshire weather and is definitely a few degrees warmer and so we have been enjoying the most beautiful autumnal view out of the kitchen window. We have a cherry tree in our garden with the most beautiful orange and red leaves and the boys love them. LO goes out most days to sweep the fallen ones up with a rake and L loves watching them tumble down and then pick them up off the grass.

It's been an intense week moving to the new house, unpacking and settling in, but already I can tell that life in this house is going to be a little easier than it was at our old house. The boys seem to love the house, and a big difference is that their new bedrooms are on the same floor and right opposite each other, so we split the toys between the two rooms to make it like a big playroom. They spend hours paying together, moving across the hallway between the two rooms and it's almost become their own little part of the house. Each morning they both sit in the window watching the school children walk past and it's really lovely to watch.

Since Mr F has gone back to work, the boys and I have spent some really lovely quality time together, driving about the local area working out the geography and also finding new things to do. We have been visiting new nurseries every day too and staff at each nursery have commented on how sweet the boys are together. Moving house is stressful at the best of times but I think it can also be hugely unsettling for young children and I think that LO in particular has found huge comfort in being with L so much this past fortnight. L is always around and LO seems to find his consistent presence comforting and while the move has obviously unsettled him is some respects, it's most definitely brought these two closer together.

I absolutely love these photos of the two of them. I think that even though L looks nothing like LO did as a baby, they're definitely starting to get some similar features like their eyes. And you can just see how much they adore each other, they really are so sweet together and these photos make my heart melt a little.

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