Saturday, 31 December 2016

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 16- December

 As I write this post, it's the evening before New Year's Eve. The festivities of Christmas have been and gone, and we are in that weird stage between Christmas and New Year where we spend far too much time lazing around at home, watching endless TV and eating far too many crackers and Christmas leftovers. I really cannot believe another year has passed and in fact, this year feels like it's gone by more quickly than any other year before. How our baby boy is nearly 1 is beyond me, and I do often feel a bit sad that because we have had such an incredibly busy and stressful year that his first year has just passed by in a bit of a blur.

The start of 2016 was a hugely exciting time for us as a family- we started the year as a three and welcomed Little L into the world at 11:24am on Tuesday January 5th. The first three months of the year were a bit of a strange time as we were completely exhausted and helping LO get used to the idea of having a new baby brother. We then crazily decided it would be a good time to put our house on the market, and had months of living in a showhome-like state with what felt like endless house viewings. We also had the excitement of planning our relocation to Lincolnshire from West Yorkshire, with everything finally falling into place when the sale of our house went through in August. I think the endless house viewings and the move itself are what has made this year whizz by and it makes me thankful that I document as much as I can on my blog. I know many of our ordinary everyday moments may well have got forgotten about had I not documented the memories, just because it's been such a tiring and frantic year.

But in spite of it being a bit of a strange year, we wouldn't have it any other way. We have had some amazing opportunities as a family, and back in February we were absolutely over the moon to be chosen as Mark Warner ambassadors for the year. We absolutely love to travel and visit new places and were so lucky to be able to take the boys away to Levante Beach Resort in September and we are also hugely excited to be going away again in January to the French Alps to go skiing with Mark Warner. We have felt so thankful and I feel hugely proud and honoured to have had such an amazing opportunity through blogging.

It really has been a big year for change for us. We have gone from being a family of three to a family of four with to little boys, and we have also completely changed our lives by moving to a different part of the country. We moved in November and have been in the new house almost 2 months already. We have settled in really well and enjoyed our first Christmas in the new house- albeit a slightly more chaotic, disorganised version this year. I can't wait to finally finish getting the rooms sorted and totally free of boxes and get on with decorating and putting our own stamp on the house.

Which brings me onto the month that's just been. I decided very last minute to join in with Vlogmas this year- I didn't anticipate what a big undertaking it would be- the filming, late night editing, and everything else that comes with it, was a mammoth job for me. In all honesty I surprised myself that I managed it with everything else house wise we have got going on. I literally gave up my evenings for the best part of a month but I thoroughly enjoyed it. My YouTube is so small in comparison to others, but I didn't let that put me off recording and documenting our special memories and everyday moments throughout the festive month. I love that we have these videos to look back on, especially as it documents us in our first full month in our new area and home. If you took the time to watch, comment or like any of my Vlogmas videos, I just want to say a huge 'thank you' for supporting me- idoing Vlogmas has really helped me to grow my confidence and it's definitely sparked a bigger interest in video.

And so for this month, I'm sharing some photos which we took very quickly on one of our daily morning walks around our new village. They're not my best ever photos as it was so misty but I love them anyway, and I'll be adding these to my ever growing collection of family photos we take each and every month.

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas and you'll have a wonderful 2017, whatever may be in store for you.


I am so pleased that we join in with the Me and Mine project each month because I love that we have captured so many photos of us as a four, either from holidays, days out,a local walk in a special place or just at home. Here's a look back at our photos from 2016.





  1. Oh they are gorgeous photos! And what a year! Whirlwind is about the size of it and as one who is currently trying to live in a show home like state, I feel your pain - may the new house be as messy as you would like it to be!

    1. Aww thank you Carie, I've just done a little update to my post and done a summary of all the photos through the year and I look back and it makes me feel so grateful for Me and Mine- such a lovely way to look back through the year's memories isn't it? Good luck with the house! x

  2. What a beautiful collection of photos, I've loving following your family this year on your blog and social media - just look how much the boys have grown! Have a lovely time skiing next month, and Happy New Year! xx

  3. Such a huge year for you I hope 2017 brings its own special moments and maybe a bit of calm too! x

  4. Such a lovely roundup of photos - really beautiful pictures of you all. And what a big year 2016 has been for you, I hope 2017 is a wonderful year for you and your family. xx

  5. Like you, We've also had so much change this year and its made the year go by so fast hasn't it? It was so lovely to see you again (And meet Luca!) at Britmums (we must do it more often from 2017 onwards!)... House moves are always so busy arent they, especially with kids in tow - you've done so well and your house looks amazing already, so picturesque! I knew you were going to be named one of the MWM ambassadors, your pitch was ace! and well done for your Vlogmas, I loved watching :) Lovely wintery photos this month, and I love Freddies coat. Happy New Year and see you soon! xxx

  6. Beautiful as always Amelia, and lovely to look back at the year! #meandmine

  7. Oh babes these are stunning and I love this project come December and see everyone's year in the life of their amazing families. Happy New Year! #meandmineproject

  8. Such beautiful family pictures and that really does sound like a busy! How amazing to have been chosen to be a Mark Warner blogger. You really should be so proud, and have an amazing time skiing. I'm so pleased to hear that you had a lovely Christmas in your new home. I bet it was lovely. Happy New Year! xx

  9. I loved your me & mines last year, always so bright and cheery. I hope Little L had a lovely birthday yesterday. xx

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