Thursday, 26 January 2017

{The Siblings Project 17} Brothers in January

We are now almost at the end of January and I really can't believe where the month has gone. You may have noticed it's been oddly quiet over on my blog lately and I really feel disappointed that I've got off to such a slow start in 2017. What with getting over Christmas, L's first birthday (which I haven't even got around to documenting at all yet) and then jetting off to the French Alps for our first skiing trip as a family, I have barely had a moment to dedicate to my little corner of the internet. But that's all about to change as we are starting a brand new weekly routine and I'm now having a day week to dedicate to all things blog... But more on that in another post.

This post is all about my two boys. I can't believe LO has been a big brother for a year now, yet at the same time, I look back at photos from before L was around and it seems strange that he wasn't there with him. I have really loved watching their bond grow over the past 12 months and now L is able to crawl around, climb on anything and cruise around holding onto anything he can find to support himself, he can just about keep up with LO. They are able to play together and interact far more and one of L's absolute favourite things to do is to crawl into his big brother's bedroom, clamber into his bed and sit and play with his soft toys with him, although LO has a tendency to commandeer every soft toy he can set his eyes on, notably L's new toy cat which they both absolutely adore. 

This month, the boys got to spend lots of time together on our recent ski holiday to Tignes with Mark Warner. We used the childcare at the hotel and as it was really quiet, LO often got to join in with what the toddlers were doing, so they spent most of the days together. LO really took L under his wing and each day the staff would say how LO constantly checked on L and asked the staff if he was ok, if he'd had his bottle or needed his nappy changing. This holiday seemed to really cement their bond. He really is the most caring big brother and I am so very proud of how wonderful a big brother he is. Of course, there are times when they can get a bit silly or rough with each other (normally instigated by L ironically), but for the most part, they really are the best of friends and nothing makes me prouder than watching them giggle and play together. 

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