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{The Ordinary Moments 17} #2 'To my Little L at 13 Months'

To my dear Little L,

I must first off start by saying I'm sorry for not being very good at keeping up with writing letters to you. In fact, I've barely written any at all, and it makes me feel quite sad that I've not documented this  first year of yours as well as I'd have liked to. You see, it's been a busy old year this first one of yours- you've already been abroad twice (once to Greece and once to France skiing) and you're already living in your second home. We moved from our house in Yorkshire when you were 10 months old and with all of that going on, I've just not been good at keeping up with my little updates for you to read when you're bigger. Although one thing I have been quite good at is keeping your baby journal up to date- it's a really lovely blue book which is sort of like a scrapbook and I update it with all sorts of little details all about you- from things like your favourite books, friends and foods to every time you reach a milestone or get a new tooth or say a new word. I hope you enjoy looking through that when you're older. 

Even though I've not been good at writing you letters regularly, I wanted to write one today. You turned 13 months on 5th February and suddenly it feels like you're on the cusp of big changes. I think you've been changing gradually over the past month since you turned one actually- I notice little things every few days and I really wanted to document these things before you reach your next exciting milestone and I forget. You've been crawling for quite some time now- I think you were definitely commando crawling at 8 months as I remember you doing it across the hotel room floor when we were in Rhodes, and then just before you turned 9 months you started crawling around properly. You seem to have been happy to move about like this for a few months now and you really can move at quite some speed. You also really enjoy cruising around furniture, just like your brother did, and you will pull yourself up on just about anything. We have to watch you so carefully in the kitchen as opening drawers and cupboards is one of your favourite things to do- you just won't leave the herb and spice drawer alone and last week you even threw a whole jar of carraway seeds across the floor- what a mess. 

You've always been a really good eater and I think a lot of this is down to you wanting to feed yourself. We've always just put bits of food on your tray and you feed yourself and always gobble up every last morsel. Of course a lot ends up on the floor but you have a huge appetite and you rarely dislike anything. Recently you've become a bit of a fruit monster though and just the sight of any sort of fruit makes you go crazy. You start clapping, pointing and bouncing up and down. I've never seen anyone so delighted by the sight of a satsuma or bunch of grapes as you. It does make me feel incredibly proud and also very happy that you're so easy to please when it comes to food. 

The same can't be said for sleep however... from day one you were never a fan of that Moses basket were you? I remember trying everything we could to get you to sleep for even just an hour. We move the whole bedroom around, slept at the foot end of the bed, played Mozart on the iPad all night, and eventually just brought you in our bed just so we could all get some sleep. At around 3 months you finally went into your cot and then at around 6 months I think, you went into your own room where you finally started sleeping better and you even started sleeping through the night. When we moved house, your sleep started going a bit funny for some reason. If you're getting teeth then you like to spend the evening downstairs with mummy and daddy and you will fall asleep down here then we will carry you up yo your room. You sometimes still wake between 11pm and 3am but for the most part, you're sleeping well now. 

We take you up to bed at about 7pm, and you have a bath every night as you absolutely love these. Your favourite game in the bath is bath whistles, or 'whistle orchestra' as we call it. Sometimes you share a bath with your brother but mostly you have a bath on your own. Once you're all dry and snuggly in your sleep suit Mummy will read you a story- although you seem to be more a fan of just pulling books off the shelves than actually looking at the books or reading them. At the moment though you do enjoy reading Fox's Socks. Mummy will give you your bottle and then feed you to sleep- it'e one of my favourite times of the day and I love how snuggly you are. You won't go to bed unless I cradle you to sleep, but absolutely love this- I can feel you getting comfy and just relax as you fall asleep. As I write this it's 9:30 on a Monday night and I do always sit downstairs waiting on tenterhooks for you to wake up- you get very upset if you wake and Mummy will always come and give you a cuddle to get you back to sleep, even if I'm a bit grumpy and it's 2am. I know I'll never get this time back and you really are the snuggliest little baby- I adore our sleepy 2am cuddles.  In terms of naps, strangely you have never once had a daytime nap in your cot, and it's something I've not really pushed. Instead you are happy to have your morning bottle in the pushchair and will normally fall asleep on our little walk. 

As I said, you seem really happy being in this crawling stage at the moment. I guess you're a 'crawling pro' by this point but I know you're so eager to be at the next stage- walking. You so want to be up on your feet so you can chase after your big brother. You're currently trying to work out your balance and how to stand without holding on to anything. You have stood unaided for about 2 seconds but I think you'll crack it in the next couple of weeks- then you'll be focused on the big one- walking. I must admit, I am really quite happy that you're still in the crawling stage and I still very much see you as a baby. Even though you're a big solid boy for 13 months (and very heavy- I think you're about 27lbs) you somehow seem so young too. I don't feel quite prepared for you to be a 'toddler' yet as it hardly feels any time at all since you were born. But I am equally excited for this next stage too as I know you and your brother are going to have so much fun together. It's so nice that you'll be learning to walk in spring when the weather is nice. I can't wait to take you both on a walk around the village and to take you around the playground in the sunshine, to toddle about in the garden and to just let you be free to explore. 

Another big milestone for you is that you started nursery in January. You did do 5 sessions at your brother's old nursery before we moved, but you've now started properly at your own nursery here too. Mummy was so proud of you for how well you did at your settling in sessions- you've had a really bad cough and cold and that unsettled you a bit on your first proper day, but then last week you did amazingly and the staff all seem to adore you. They said you're very chilled out and super snuggly. You just go one day a week, on Thursday, and I miss you terribly when you're there. I'm not ashamed to say I cried when I dropped you off. Your brother now goes to playgroup 2 and a half days a week and on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday it's just you and me. We normally come home and have a play with the toys in your room after we drop him off, or we go for a walk or we go and run some errands together. You're very chilled out and as long as you can see me, you're quite happy to sit and play. Your favourite games are to post letters into the wooden post box, the shape sorter, the treehouse  with the slide where you push the chimney and the people fall down the slide, or posting milk bottle lids into the shoebox (one of mummy's DIY games- I'm glad you like it!). 

I will sign off now Little L, as it's getting late and you may wake up soon. Love you my little blue eyed cherub. 

Love from Mummy xxx

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  1. Ah what a lovely post! You've had a lot going on, so no wonder you haven't found the time to write letters. Good on you for the Baby book though! I've been terrible with it ever since my daughter was about 3 months old... :( #theordinarymoments

  2. Not sure if my comment went through so trying again :) It can be so hard to keep up with milestone posts especially when you have other children but this is beautiful - gorgeous photos too x


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