Sunday, 19 February 2017

{The Siblings Project 17} Brothers in January

 I posted on my Instagram a week or so that our family had been hit with the large that's been going around. Both LO and Little L have had nasty coughs for a couple of weeks now, but then I got the sickness bug too and L was a bit off colour too. I had three days of feeling really under the weather, not being able to eat and just having no enthusiasm or energy to do anything and it's the second time I've had this in two weeks. But when you have your children to look after, you can't just call it a duvet day, shut your eyes and hid away. There's little people who need you and who need you- to get them dressed, to get breakfast, to wipe all of said breakfast off the floor, there's nappies to change, lunch and dinner to make, baths to run. I could go on, but you get my drift. 

Since we have moved house, I have been absolutely dreading getting ill, because I know that when Mr F has gone to work, that's it, it's just me and the boys because we have no family nearby now who can help out. I really was dreading Monday morning as I'd been so sick the night before. We are not ones to stay in the house all day in general as we get cabin fever, but on Monday, I had little other choice than to just station the 3 of us in LO's bedroom- by far the cosiest and warmest room in the house, with oodles of toys to keep the boys entertained. I didn't think they'd be happy to stay in there all morning let alone actually sit and play nicely together, but they really did. It was so lovely to just sit and observe them from afar. I quickly grabbed my camera and got a few photos while I had the rare opportunity- frustratingly it was a really bright, sunny day when I took these photos too and we had to be stuck in the house all day, but at least the sun was streaming in through his bedroom window. 

I am really loving watching their bond grow. Little L is getting bigger and stronger and although he can't yet walk, he can cruise around holding on to things and can crawl so quickly in an attempt to keep up with his brother. They can be a little rough and tumble with each other sometimes, with Little L climbing on LO or stroking his hair a bit too forcefully, but for the most part, they play so nicely together. I am just longing for some warm weather now so they can be outside in the garden or in the park running around and playing together. I love these photos of my two as they reallyseem to capture their very differet little personalities and how they interact together. 

I took quite a lot of photos- can you tell for once we had quite a lot of spare time on our hands?!

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Aww the photos are lovely and I love the super hero top. It is rubbish when you are ill but your little boys were amazing. They must have known which is lovely. I hope you are all on the mend now xx #siblings

  2. Looking after little ones when you are under the weather is no fun! One of the unexpected bonuses of having a four-year gap between my two was being able to pass out on the sofa when I had morning sickness and just switch CBeebies on for my son. I love the colourful duvet cover in LO's bedroom!

  3. Lovely photos, it is so hard when you are all ill isnt it? Hope you are all well again now x

  4. Gorgeous pictures! SO sweet to hear that they pulled it out of the bag when you were ill!


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