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{The Ordinary Moments 17} #4 'Revelling in The Ordinary Moments'

For almost 3 years now, I've been linking up most weeks to one of my favourite link ups, hosted by the lovely Katie from Mummy Daddy Me and more recently, her co-host Donna from What the Redhead Said, documenting the ordinary moments in our lives. Each week (or every couple of weeks more recently as I've been pretty rubbish with blogging regulaely lately) I will really have quite an in-depth think about what I'd like to write about- I love that I've documented these ordinary moments over those three years, even if I have been a little lax with it all lately.

I often find that documenting it seems to cement it in my memory- simple moments in our everyday lives which could so easily have been forgotten amidst the chaos of our everyday family life. We were reminiscing only the other day about when LO stopped having his bottles at night time. I distinctly remember writing about it as one of our ordinary moments when he was 21 months old. I absolutely loved going back to look at the photos, read about it and revel in that moment once again. This past week, Little L has started to develop an obsession with the sweeping brush- the same obsession which LO had exactly two years ago and which I wrote about as another ordinary moment. I know that had I not written about these moments, they could so easily be forgotten. I've always been the sentimental type and love nothing more than looking back at old photos and reminiscing. The very reason I started my blog in the first place was to document the memories of LO when he was small, the days out, our travel adventures and also those ordinary moments at home. 

I do feel a little sad that I've not been as good at documenting things so well since we have had Little L. I guess that with the busy few months we have had, life has just gone at such a fast pace and I've found it hard to find the time to be sentimental and to reminisce. But now, I finally feel like life is getting back to normal, that we can slow down and just be in the moment. I'm slowly learning to enjoy and revel in the more mundane everyday things in life- our lives are far from exciting but I know we thrive on our little routine. 

Our lives may be ordinary but it's those ordinary moments we love the most- the lazy weekday mornings where we take 2 hours to get ready because we have got so sidetracked with playing on LO's bed, our daily walk around the village where we could probably walk with our eyes shut and take the exact same steps we take each day. The way LO always wants to go and play pooh sticks on the bridge at the end of the walk. The way we always have the exact same lunch of bagels and crudités every day yet we never seem to tire of it. The moments when LO will be sitting trying to do puzzles and Little L is adamant he wants to do puzzles too and jigsaws pieces are scattered everywhere. The way I will sit and wonder what on earth we are going to play together where I can keep both boys happy and entertained at the same time. The little midweek trips we have in the car to drive to the local retail park just to get a sneaky Costa and to have a play with the toys in TKMaxx, just because it's something a bit different and it gets us out of the house for a couple of hours. The morning preschool run and pick up, and the way LO is so excited to see us when he runs through the gate, or the quiet afternoons we spend in the house, whether it's curling up on the sofa to watch CBeebies or letting the boys play with something messy in the kitchen. 

These are our most ordinary moments. The things which happen day in, day out. These are the moments which make up our daily lives, and yes it may be mundane, but it's what we seem to thrive on. In the day, I often daydream and sit and wonder what other parents with young children get up to day to day, and what their ordinary moments look like. Are their days similar to ours? What games do they play? How do they keep their toddler and baby entertained at the same time? Do they go for endless walks around the block in the hope that their baby might entertain the possibility of a nap? I'm sure as we sit and play kitchens or build another wooden tower for Little L to knock down, somewhere there will also be someone else sitting and revelling in the same moments as we are thinking that life is a little ordinary or not very exciting.  

But what I've learnt is that while life can sometimes seem mundane, or that the weekly routine is the same day in day out, it's the little ordinary moments which can often bring us the most joy- it's those ones I don't want to forget. The moments that in years to come, I can look back on and remember and revel in the moment once more. 

As this post isn't about any one particular ordinary moment, I thought I'd share a few photos of what ordinary moments look like through our eyes...

The Ordinary Moments


  1. I agree I love the ordinary moments most of all and know I would forget them (as I have with Eva) and adore looking back over the year already x

  2. Gorgeous photos and I am pleased its not just me that loves a trip to the retail park and a cheeky costa! That counts as child entertainment right? I love the ordinary moments and I too love that I get to write about them every week and they will forever be captured to look back at. The moments that I know I too would have forgotten about x

  3. Beautiful photos Amelia. It's so true it's the ordinary moments which mean the most and which will create the memories for our children. Childhood is so important and it's lovely to have a memory box of it all. I only wish like you that I document more but I can't keep up with it all all of the time. I am going to try though. Xxx

  4. I agree completely - I've looked back on the last 2 years of ordinary moments and have been so frustrated that I missed last summer when I had a break. Gorgeous photos #TheOrdinaryMoments

  5. What a lovely post. I've loved joining in with the ordinary moments although I have been very irregular attendee... but I really should be joining in more. When I look back at my blog those little memories are the ones I find most precious amongst all the other stuff I write about...

  6. Yours and Katie's posts are quite similar this week. I cannot wait until our building work is finished and we can get back to our new sense of ordinary. The ordinary moments for me are some of the loveliest, the ones I want to document and the ones I want to treasure x

  7. This is so gorgeous Amelia. I too, love our little 'routine' like playgroup and getting a snack in town, popping to the park, sitting by the heater to warm up. It is so amazing, and those sorts of things are the ones I remember the most as an adult. It's so precious and your photos are stunning xxx


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