Sunday, 9 April 2017

{The Ordinary Moments 17} 'Life at 15 Months'

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen that last Thursday I posted a photo along with a few videos on my Insta stories about Little L's day at nursery. He's been going to his nursery since January, and after 3 months of going to the baby room on a Thursday, it was time for him to transition up into the next Tots room. He'd only just got settled in the baby room about 2 or 3 weeks ago, so naturally it seemed such a shame for him to move just as he'd got used to going. Here they get moved up at 15 months they move them up regardless of their development, so it was time for the big move. We had a less than successful drop off, with him getting so upset before we even made it through the door. I'm never good at drops offs at the best of times, but seeing him so upset and getting scooped off to have his breakfast was tough. I know this will happen in nurseries day in day out, up and down the country. Babies will get dropped off, teary and upset, mums and dads will scuttle out of sight, flighting back the tears and look of worry until they reach the confines of the car, and of course, after a few minutes the baby is fine, getting on with their day as if they'd been there for years. But it's still difficult nonetheless, and I know I won't be the first mummy to have gone back to my car and had a cry. But I know tere's so many more toys and exciting activities for him to do and I absolutely know it's the right thing for him at this stage. 

In my eyes he still seems like such a young baby for 15 months. He has still very much got that chubby baby look about him and babbles away happily without really saying any distinctive words (except cat and ta, and everything is a cat). Perhaps it's a symptom of being  the second child, that deep down I want him to still be baby-like and I am clinging on to the baby days, I don't know. I often struggle to comprehend that he's already this age.

This parenting journey can be so tough, each day is a rollercoaster of emotions and with each new exciting milestone which comes, you also have to wave goodbye to another aspect of those precious baby days. With that, yesterday, at 15 months and 3 days, he decided to tentatively take his first steps. He'd been cruising around furniture for months and has been confidently pulling himself up on things for ages. We weren't expecting him to even attempt walking before 15 months- based on when LO walked (first steps around 15 and a half months) and the fact he's a big baby. He's been practising standing on his own two feet without our help a little bit, and then falling on his bum, and then yesterday, upped his game and was standing for around 10 seconds before falling. He then took his first little steps in our lounge, going from the coffee table to the fireguard. It was literally 3 steps, but it was in front of all of us, and it made it seem extra special that LO got to see too. 

Of course, at the moment these steps are a total novelty and the next month or so is going to be both exciting and challenging. I'm going to need to have eyes in the back of my head as he moves so fast and gets up to all sorts of mischief. But in time, the steps will turn into walking and the crawling will fade into a distant memory. I look at LO running about now and can't believe that just over two and a half years ago he was at this exact same stage. Before long, it will seem as if L has always walked about- I do find that memories of the baby days can often fade quite quickly as you carry the memory of them as you are in your head of course. The pram will sit in the garage and just be used for the odd walk, our daily walk around our village will now involve two little people on feet, and will no doubt take 4 times as long, but best of all, LO and Little L will be chasing around after each other, just how I always imagined they would. 

And while I will cling onto these last few weeks of the baby days as we enter into toddlerhood, in my mind he will always be my little baby, just as LO is and always will be my big baby boy. Knowing me I'll still be calling them my baby boys when they're in their 30s but I guess that's just an ordinary part of being a mama...

I love these recent photos of my two- and better way to begin walking than to have your big brother right by your side to hold your hand and look after you. 

The Ordinary Moments


  1. My girls will always be my babies too! Its so hard when they get upset at drop off and it doesn't seem to get any easier for us parents. I hope it gets better and he starts to enjoy the tots room soon x #Theordinarymoments

  2. Lovely photos, how bizarre to move them on age only and not development. I'm sure he will be fine when you go, it will just take a little time to get used to it x #ordinarymoments

  3. Ours moved based on age and J went up at 2 years although we were told they could make an exception if she struggled. I remember seeing it on IG this week, I hope drop offs become much easier and he settles really well x #TheOrdinaryMoments

  4. That is slightly random 15 months is still so tiny! Love the sunglasses in the photos - totally rocking them! x

  5. I hope he settles soon in the new room and I am sure when he has this walking down to a fine art he will be running around with the rest of them x

  6. Woah, how big does your littlest look?! I think any transition is tough and as parents we just get used to one thing and then it all gets ramped up a notch. I hope he's more settled at nursery now - and not running rings around you just yet x


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