Sunday, 2 April 2017

{The Ordinary Moments 17} 'Mother's Day Weekend'

Last weekend it was of course Mother's Day. We were so lucky with the weather and in fact, the whole weekend was so warm and sunny. We do spend much of our week outdoors but what it makes such a difference to everyone's moods when the sun is shining, and last weekend was no exception. My youngest sister came over for the whole weekend, and I must admit, since we have lived here I have really enjoyed any weekend when we have had people come to stay. It just makes it feel a bit more special and we always make sure we do something or go somewhere, whether it's for a coffee and cake, or to go for a wander around our local city of Lincoln, or for a walk around our local nature reserve. But this past weekend, Mr F organised a little surprise trip for Mother's Day, which really was so sweet.

On the Saturday, we went out for cake at a new tearoom. It was so quaint and a real treat. We then decided to go for an impromptu late afternoon walk around our local nature reserve. The sun was just beginning to set and had that beautiful golden glow about it, so we took the opportunity to take a few photos. My sister captured some really beautiful ones too (so thank you for those Coco!)
On Mother's Day itself, I woke up and was greeted by two grinning little boys with their cards, a big tub of sweeties and a cake. We'd been meaning to book a table somewhere for a roast lunch the week before but never got around to it, and as you know it's a nightmare getting a table last minute on Mother's Day. So I wasn't sure what the plan was but it was the nicest surprise to discover Mr F had managed to book somewhere and used it as a chance to make it into a little surprise trip for me. We went to a lovely little country pub for some lunch which we ate in the sunshine outside, and then headed on to one of my most favourite places in the world- the town where I spent many years as a child and where I went to school from Year 6 to 6th form. It's a little cathedral town in Nottinghamshire called Southwell (pronounced Suth-ul). It is also incredibly special to both of us as we got married in the cathedral there back in 2010. This was the first time we had been back since we got married and it was incredibly poignant to be back there nearly 7 years later with out two little boys.

We took them inside the Minster to show them where we got married, I took them on a little trip down memory lane too and showed them my old school and my two old houses where I lived as a child. It was a little sad as so much had changed though- one site of my old school had been razed to the ground while the other part had been completely changed and re-built to the point of being unrecognisable. It's strange how in your mind, somewhere you have spent all your ordinary moments as a child is so different when you go back as an adult. It also felt really strange and quite surreal being back at my old school with two children in tow.

My favourite bit of the day though was being able to take the boys to the cathedral where we got married. I cannot believe it's been almost 7 years that we have been married and spent all our most ordinary moments together as Mr and Mrs Foster. We even tried to re-create a couple of our wedding shots wile we were there, with LO and Little L now in the picture too. Of course LO was much more interested in hiding amongst the grave stones, and not the least bit interested in re-creating wedding photos, but we managed to get a couple anyway.

It really was the most lovely, simple of days and one which was pretty impromptu, but I always think those sorts of days are the best. And of course you really can't beat a good trip down memory lane, re-living all your favourite ordinary and extraordinary moments.

The Ordinary Moments


  1. It sounds like you had such a lovely mothers day and what I nice trip down memory lane for you both x

    1. It was a really lovely day thank you Laura, and such a nice thought to take us back to where we got married x

  2. It sounds like you had such a lovely mothers day weekend and I love those family photos in front of the cathedral - how far you've come! Amazing weather too! x

    1. It really was one of those simple, last minute trips which was so nice. I think often the unplanned trips are the best ones x


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