Saturday, 15 April 2017

{The Siblings Project 17} Brothers in April

 Being organised with my siblings photos for once in my life, I had the grand idea of taking the boys out to get some nice spring photos of them outside this month, especially as we had the very exciting moment of L taking his first steps last weekend (he has, over the course of the week continued to take the occasional few steps but has decided that crawling is much quicker and far less effort, so he's still very much a crawler for now). I thought that by Easter he'd be walking about all over the place, hand in hand with his big brother, but he's not quite there yet.

In between the odd really hot day we have had in April, it's mostly been like mid-winter again around here and we've spent quite a lot of time indoors. Normally, we are climbing the walls when we are stuck in the house, but now that these two are taking more interest in each other and actually even playing together sometimes too, they seem quite happy to entertain themselves for longer. We've relished this time, getting to stay in and enjoy their toys in the house, and I've adored being able to sit back and just watch them play together for a few minutes here and there.

I took these photos on Good Friday- another freezing cold day. We spent most of the day playing in the house, watching a film and doing lots of baking. It was our first attempt at letting L have a go at baking- I thought it would end in tears but I laid everything out on the tuff spot for them, and they sat together playing with rice krispies, mixing chocolate, licking the spoon and just generally having lots of fun together (mostly sitting and eating the rice krispie mixture and getting smothered in chocolate). It was really lovely to stand back and watch them get on with their little job. I'm on a bit of a mission at the moment to find more activities they can actively do together. So often they have ended up doing totally separate games or playing apart, with me having to split myself in two. I think we'll turn a real corner though once L starts walking all the time and I can't wait for this next stage in their ailing journey.

A few photos I took of them in LO's bedroom as it was so awful outside. They were playing with some Easter eggs, counting them out and attempting to eat them too.

The Me and Mine Project


  1. Oh what a gorgeous set of photos! They look so happy snuggled up together and I love their expressions!

  2. Ah cute photos and I love their jumpers! It's lovely to watch each stage of siblings together, I never get tired of it. I'm sure you will soon have pictures of them walking hand in hand x #thesiblingsproject

  3. Oh these are gorgeous photos. Love the matching jumpers and all the cuddles! #siblingsproject

  4. That first photo made me laugh! You can really see their relationship here too it's lovely x

  5. Oh look at them together in their awesome matching tops. I love it. So festive for Easter too! They are going to be best buds growing up together. You can just see it in their happy faces together. Lovely snaps this month so candid too. #siblingsproject


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