Friday, 14 April 2017

What's in my Toddler's Easter Basket?

Each Easter, I love to put together a little basket of things for the boys to open on Easter weekend. You may have seen that I recently shared a post all about what's in our baby boy's Easter basket this year which you can see here. So today I'm sharing what's in LO's Easter basket. This year it looks as if he's got a lot of chocolate in there, but a little hack I'll share is that I've taken any treats he's won or been given in the weeks before Easter and popped them in his basket, so I've not actually bought him any additional chocolate treats. I've put in a few Easter and spring themed books, a couple of crafting things, a basket for his Easter egg hunt and a pair of bunny ears to match his baby brother's.

 I popped into The Works to pick up these books. They have a great selection, often with deals like 3 books for £5. Also, they change stock regularly and get in lots of seasonal books too. I picked up The Very Busy Day, The Bunny of Bluebell Hill and Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs. He really loves reading and I know he'll sit for ages over the bank holiday enjoying his books.

 I found lots of fantastic Easter crafting bits and pieces in Home Bargains this year. We got quite a few things which we have already used to make his Easter bonnet, but I thought I'd save these few bits for his basket- some sparkly foam Easter stickers and these decoupage eggs which I think we'll make and hang up.
Easter isn't complete without a bit of chocolate. As I mentioned above, these are all treats he's won either at playgroup or when we've gone to Easter Egg hunt events over the holidays. He will be getting plenty of help to eat these though, of that I'm certain! I love the felt carrot Easter egg hunt basket which I got for about £1.50 at Asda.

If you want to put together an Easter basket for your little ones, there's still plenty of time today and tomorrow. I can really recommend checking out Home Bargains, the Pound shops, The Works and any supermarket for picking up some little gifts, books and treats.


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