Wednesday, 31 May 2017

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 17- May

Normally I start these Me and Mine posts by going on about how quickly the month has flown by and that I can't believe we're at the end of another month. But honestly, for some reason, May has felt like it's gone on forever. Not necessarily in a bad way though. It's just felt like it's been a long month and one where we have spent a great deal of time at home. We haven't had any major plans or exciting trips, and I think that perhaps when you do spend that much time at home, the days can merge together and you lose that sense of time, that urgency, that feeling of counting down the days that you get when you have something big planned.

May has been a quiet one here. We've had some gorgeous weather and I think sunny days enjoying the garden sums up the month for us. We've been outdoors more than in and I know the boys have loved every second of being outside, whether that's when they've been playing on the slide in the garden together, splashing in the paddling pool or throwing sand out of the sandpit with their little spades, or riding up and down our road on the balance bike and trike. I have absolutely loved the lighter evenings. I love how it allows us to take the evening routine at a slightly more relaxed pace. I think we've taken the boys out on an evening walk virtually every evening- it's one of the nicest parts of our day, going on a little stroll around the village. We sometimes go to the cricket pitch to play with a ball, or to the swings, or sometimes we will go to a little stile by a field which LO calls the 'secret fence'. It leads into a field full of long grass with a bridleway which leads right across it. The boys can spend ages running/tottering along the path or going to play hide and seek in the grass and both giggle hysterically when we pretend we can't see them. We decided to head out with the camera this evening and get a few photos as it really does sum up our month, we've walked to this field so many times lately. Unfortunately we missed the chance to get some lovely golden light photos as the weather had turned grey and cloudy, but at least we missed the rain.

The most exciting thing which has happened this month is that Little L, began to walk. He took his first steps in April but May was the month where he really took off and chose walking as his preferred method of getting about. And while he is still a little wobbly sometimes, he's got the hang of it really quickly and gets about so confidently now. He's transformed from a baby to a toddler and his bond with his big brother has just grown even more this month, just because he can be up on his feet and able to join in so much more. It's been so special to watch. And since he's cracked walking, he's wasted no time with getting to grips with his speech, much in the same way as LO did too. He adores it when you sing to him, and he will try and join in. My favourite thing is when he does a little scream at the end of row row row your boat and sing "If you see a crocodile..." he will shake his head and squeal.

Aside from spending lots of time enjoying the sunshine at home and in our village, we have also had a few little local adventures to National Trust places too. We live fairly close to some beautiful spots, so decided it would be worth the investment of becoming members. We had a really fun time exploring a little part of Clumber Park and also had two trips down the A1 to Belton House in Grantham too. I am really mindful of how quickly the next few months are going to pass by before LO finishes at playgroup and starts in reception at school. Our whole routine will change and I want to make the most of the days he's with us at home in the week. Instead of going to the dreaded soft play, I much prefer to get the boys outside if possible as we all feel so much better for it.

Speaking of schools, we finally settled on which school to send LO to. I am so pleased that we chose the school we did (our original first choice). And while it is a teeny tiny school and he's one of only 3 children starting in September, I know it's the right school for him and he will love it there. June will fly by as he's doing settling in sessions every Tuesday afternoon from after half term. He was given his school book bag and water bottle when we had our parents meeting the other week, and it made it all feel so real.

But for now, we have a few months where we don't need to think about school. After a very quiet May where most weekends were free, we've got an exciting and very busy June ahead of us with no free weekends at all, plus an exciting trip at the end of the month, which I'm sure I'll post more about on here.

This month, I have been loving:
*Sunny days in the garden
*Gradually getting the house more organised
*Evening walks around the village

LO has been loving:
*Reading and acting out lots of his favourite stories, mostly Peter Rabbit, Room on the Broom
*dressing up in his new dragon costume and playing dragons in the garden.
*Playing at his new friend's house
*Gardening with daddy

Little L has been loving:
*His new found freedom
*Singing lots of songs- Wind the bobbin up, Row Row Row Your Boat, Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle
*Trying to say some new words- yeh, shoes, over there, that one, dada, mama and a few others.

Mr F has been loving:
*Being out in the garden
*Playing cricket for the village team
*Evening strolls with the boys

The Me and Mine Project


  1. These photos are gorgeous! And congratulations to Little L on his walking #meandmineproject

  2. Beautiful photos of you all. We've just become members of NT too, they are such good value if you know you are going to use them a lot. We've already used them twice with another trip planned this week. x

  3. Love that you've been out and about more. I wish we had a garden as I know we'd spend hundreds of time out there if we did! What great photo's too x

  4. Ahhh as always so cute so fun and lovely setting. Sounds like you have had a good month. Little L walking now will be a treat running two directions at the same time and most likely the opposite direction like my two used to do to me. lol Fun times. #meandmineproject

  5. Sounds like a lovely month... the quiet ones are my favourites! National Trust is definitely a worthwhile investment! Enjoy it!! Congrats on your little walker too!x

  6. It's been a while since we have been anywhere NT, I should probably look into going soon. You must be the only person for whom May has dragged... maybe you stole our month? Congrats to little L on the walking too!

    Emmy - Misadventurous Mummy

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