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{The Ordinary Moments 17} 'What Shall We Do Today...?'

As a stay at home mummy, I obviously spend a large proportion of my week at home, just going about our ordinary moments, day to day. We obviously have a few set plans each week- the playgroup runs on Tuesday mornings, Wednesday and Thursday, and the odd music group which I go to with L when we get chance to go. But for the most part, we are in or around the house, enjoying this new space we get to call home (it still feels like we are just borrowing it sometimes and that we're on holiday), pottering around, playing with the boys or just generally doing usual mum stuff- trying to keep on top of all the jobs and busily feeling like I'm chasing my tail (the usual tidying up, boys make a total mess, I tidy it up again, it gets messy. You know the deal...)

We do love it here. Every day I feel so thankful that we are getting to live the rural village life dream. I love that we can just walk out of the door and have such beautiful countryside on our doorstep. That we can just get out and go for a quiet walk when it all gets a bit much in the house, or the boys need to burn off some energy. I must say to Mr F numerous times a week when we take them out on evening walks around the village how lucky our boys are to be able to grow up in such an idyllic spot, and that we must never take it for granted.

With the hot weather we've had this past week, we've obviously been spending lots of time in our own garden. We've enjoyed a lot of time at home, but sometimes, we all need a change of scene, me especially. I do find I can feel a little stifled by being at home constantly, as lovely as home is, it does us all good to get a change of scene. We are terrible at making plans and for the most part, take each day as it comes. We've never been one of those families who has every weekend booked up months in advance, it just isn't how we seem to operate. And while I'd love to be that organised, I do quite like that bar a few birthday parties or weddings jotted on our kitchen calendar, most of the days are fairly empty. It gives us a blank canvas to be spontaneous, to follow our noses and to just see where the mood takes us, whether that's a day pottering around in the garden, or a trip into our local city for a bite to eat, or a day our somewhere local or further afield. We may have to be a little more organised one day (especially when LO starts school) but for now, our spontaeous way of living seems to work quite well.

This past week we have really tried to make the most of the beautiful weather we've had and gone on so many little adventures with the boys. Last week I wrote all about our trip to Belton House- a very spur of the moment adventure with the boys when we all just needed to get out for a few hours. We have really been making the most of our National Trust membership and took Mr F there yesterday. We were so lucky with the weather, bar a passing thunderstorm. It was the best day our we've had in a long time, and I can see us going there time and time again as it really is the most beautiful place. We also planned a little trip to somewhere else local to us called Clumber Park, which is in Sherwood Forest. It's a huge expanse of woodland where you can hire bikes, play on the adventure playground, potter around the walled gardens or just take in the beautiful scenery. I can see us spending many ordinary moments, and spontaneous day trips there for years to come.

And while days at home can be a sheer joy, some days can often be tough, and intense too. And while we love our new house and village, we also love getting out and about for a little adventure. There really is nothing like the fun of a local day out together, of sitting under a big oak tree enjoying a picnic, or seeing the boys running and tottering around on the grass, giggling and smiling together. I want to soak every minute of our adventures up. I don't want to take these next few months for granted as I'm more aware now than ever how quickly the days are ticking by tip LO starts at school. Our daily lives from September are going to look quite different, and I'm not quite ready for that change yet, so for now, we will keep enjoying the beauty of our spontaneous, slightly chaotic disorganise adventures together. Because to me, those days are the best.

A few photos from our recent local adventures...

 We woke up on Monday and I just had the urge to take the boys for a bit of an adventure further afield. Belton House is a National Trust property located in Grantham, Lincolnshire, so not too far from us but far enough to make it feel like a real little adventure for them both. The grounds at Belton are just stunning. There are so many areas to explore, from open parkland where you can take your dog for a walk or play with a ball, to the quieter more formal gardens. The boys loved exploring these, hiding in the bushes and looking at the fountains. The orangery is beautiful and there are lots of interesting exotic plants to look at.

 L has only been walking a month, but I think due to the amazing weather and being able to get outside so much, he's progressed really quickly with it and has been loving his new found freedom to explore.

 As we enjoyed going to much earlier in the week, we took Mr F to Belton yesterday too. The weather was glorious and the boys loved running about together looking at all the things we hadn't spotted earlier in the week. There really is that much to see and do, each trip there could be different each time.

 I love this photo of my boys walking up towards the back of the house. Look at that blue sky.

 I love our mini adventures in the week but I love them even more at weekends when Mr F can come along too. I can see Belton House becoming our absolute favourite place to visit as a family. Even on a busy day, it doesn't feel busy at all. We took a little picnic and found a secluded spot to sit and relax, watch the ducks and just enjoy the sunny weather.

 A rare moment of peace and quiet together in the dappled shade. We found this sweet little building near the church which is in the grounds.

 We've yet to explore inside Belton House itself. This is part of the stable yard next door.

 One of the best bits about Belton House is the adventure playground which is on the other side of the parkland to the house. It can get a little busy at weekends but in the week it was basically empty. There are lots of wooden frames and rope bridges to clamber along. I love this little hollow in a tree which L found to go and sit inside. It's even got wellies and an umbrella carved into the trunk of the tree.

 We also went to Clumber park on our adventures this week. It's another National Trust place which is near us, and somewhere I can see us taking the boys a lot especially when they're a bit older.

 I think being outdoors is what these two seem to enjoy the most. There really is nothing like being in the fresh air with lots of open space to run about in.

 L loved looking at the flowers in the walled garden. We didn't get much time at Clumber Park so I can't wait to get back and explore the grounds a bit more.

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  1. Before September my days were just the same and I would love that me and the girls could do whatever we wanted to do. Especially on Thursdays when we had no preschool or classes. Now with Alice at school we save it for the weekends and we are like you and don't book our weekends up too much. Enjoy this time before school its so precious x

  2. We loved Belton House and the adventure playground was amazing. beautiful photos as always! x


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