Thursday, 15 June 2017

{The Siblings Project 17} Brothers in June

You may have noticed that I mistakenly missed our siblings post in May. It got to the 15th of the month, and the day just passed me by, and then suddenly we were at the end of the month and I still hadn't got around to writing my siblings post. So today I'm being organised for once with my siblings post. June just seems to be flying by at an incredible rate. I'm not sure if it's because we have an unusually busy diary this month, or because we have just been out more enjoying the warmer weather, but the days and weeks are just flying by. 

Even now, I'm looking at our calendar and feeling a little overwhelmed at how much we have got going on. This month we have had a change of routine in the week as LO have his first few afternoons at his new school- he's been going in every Tuesday afternoon after a morning at playgroup, to meet with his new class and teacher and to have a few hours to play and explore there. Luckily, his school is on our road and we have really been enjoying the short stroll to and from the school every Tuesday. 

It feels very surreal taking him to 'big boy school' as he calls it, but even more bizarre being the only new parent there to drop him off. He and one other boy are the only two children starting in reception and the other little boy's mummy works in the school anyway, so it's felt a little strange feeling like we are the only ones starting on this journey. He's going into a mixed age class anyway, but I hope we have made the right decision in sending him there when there are so few children his own age. He seems to love it though and has asked every day if he can go to his new school. And considering he's not yet 4, it fills me with pride seeing how well he has taken these visits on his own in his stride and how he confidently walked in to his new classroom (with children up to age 7) with such confidence. 

LO's three full days at playgroup and school have meant that I have spent a bit more time with just Little L. And while we don't get to do as many groups or see friends his age like we used to do every week with LO, he seems easily pleased and is quite happy to play at home or potter about with me doing jobs. But with the start of school on the horizon, I really want to make the most of our Mondays and Fridays together. We've decided to make Mondays our special day where we go and do something nice, just the three of us. It's a day where we will plan to head out or go on an impromptu adventure. You'll have seen that I've mentioned Belton House a few times lately on here on on my Instagram. It really has become our absolute favourite place to go. It is a drive down the motorway but in reality takes about 25 minutes. On Mondays the house itself is closed, meaning the ground and playground are really quiet. The boys can just run about together, play hide and seek or kick a ball about. Of course we always take a picnic and have the obligatory ice cream too. It really is the most simple of days out and bar the cost of an ice cream, doesn't cost a penny.  

LO and Little L can bicker and get really silly together a lot of the time, but when we are out and about at somewhere like Belton, I can stand back and watch them interact and play together. I know I run the risk of sounding like a broken record when I keep talking about Belton, but it really has become such a special place and I know that our brothers will share so many special moments here together.

I love this photo of them both as LO takes his brother's hand to help him walk along the pebbles. 

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  1. Such a gorgeous place and a really nice thing to have that special day together, we did this on a friday before Eva started school and I will always remember it x

    1. Oh Belton is a stunning place. Your girls would love it if it wasn't too far for you to travel to. I am loving these Mondays. Aw how lovely that you can still remember your fridays before she began school x

  2. These are such sweet photos. It's so lovely that you've found somewhere to go just the three of you that you enjoy and has become special to you. I might look for something like that for us around near where I am. xx

    1. Thank you lovely- I just snapped them quickly on my G7X, but I am so glad I am managing to capture a few photos even if I do end up running about chasing after L while he tries to escape (he's become surprisingly quick considering he hasn't been walking long!). Oh yes, do try and find a nice place where you can keep visiting, such a nice thing to do in those weeks before school starts xx

  3. That last photo is a gorgeous moment to capture. We did the same on Thursdays before Alice started school it was our day to have fun and I loved it! x

  4. Oh I love when you find a place that is so special to you all. This is gorgeous. I love the landscape too. Great location for your beautiful little duo they are too cute. Look at them holding hands just precious. #siblingsproject


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