Saturday, 15 July 2017

{The Siblings Project 17} Brothers in July

This month's photos for my siblings project post, where I share a few snaps of just our two boys together, I haven't taken any specifically for this post. Firstly because my memory is terrible for remembering when its the middle of the month when I share these posts, and secondly, when I was recently looking through and choosing photos for my recent post about our holiday to Porto Santo, I immediately noticed how many photos I'd somehow managed to capture of our two boys together, just he two of them.

I spent ages just looking at each one and they each made me smile for so many different reasons. Firstly, because when at the moment it's seems so hard to capture a photo of either of them at all as one or both of them will usually be running away or because they're too busy tormenting each other. But also, until recently they haven't really been able to do things together, at the same level as one another, if that makes sense? Little L has really grown up lately, and he no longer seems like a little baby anymore. He transformed into a toddler on holiday and because of that, the two of them grew closer and closer each day. I love taking them away on holiday because it gives them that opportunity to grow and flourish away from their home comforts, and I think that their comfort came from one another. They were each other's security blankets, their companion through the day, and their one playmate for the week. They visibly became closer and it was very sweet to watch Little L totter around after his brother, copying his every move, and this is something I noticed straight away in these photos. They seem to mirror one another in most of the photos- LO loves being the big brother and Little L loves trying to be a big boy and copying what his brother does. It's very sweet.

They actually ended up sharing a room on holiday, and when we arrived we worried that Little L, with his random wake ups in the night would make LO really tired. But bizarrely they loved their new shared bedtime, sharing a bedtime story and they both slept incredbly well all week. It made us have a little think and we wondered whether we might try having them in the same room back home too. We were getting Little L's room decorated anyway and so today we set up the cot and LO's toddler bed in Little L's room. As I write this, Richard has taken on double bedtime and is reading a story to them both, just as we did on holiday and I can't hear a peep through the door. It could be the worst idea we have ever had, but we figured we would give it a try at the start of the summer, and if it doesn't work out, then that's fine. If it does, then I think it could be the start of a really exciting new chapter in their brotherly relationship. I remember sharing a room with both my sisters when we were little, and it was so much fun. We would make dens in our bunk beds and pretend we lived in a caravan. We would sit there giggling and playing with our barbies, and even now, I can picture it all so clearly.

Of course, these two can still bicker and argue, pull each other's hair and clothes and wind each other up like crazy. Little L has learnt a pretend cry which he uses to try and get his big brother into trouble, and I can see him trying that trick on a regular basis over these coming years. They are also like chalk and cheese in so many ways- they have so many traits which are opposites of each other. One likes fruit the other likes veg, one likes to sleep, the other not so much. But in so many ways they are so alike, and Little L often reminds me so much of LO at the same age, especially when he is wearing his old clothes. They have had the best month together, not just on our holiday but at home as well- the days spent eating mini milks in the garden together, or when they sit and play cafes together when I'm not watching (LO as the waiter, Little L as the chef), the little trips on the trike and balance bike up and down the street each day, the adventures at our little playground and the football games in the late afternoon sun at the cricket pitch. I have really enjoyed being able to take a step back and watch them grow together.
Our boys, brothers, best of friends.

Just as I've finished writing this, Richard has come in to tell me that their first bedtime in their shared room was a resounding success. Long may it last...

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  1. I love these! They look like a right little duo together and that one of them lying on the sand is so funny. I hope the bedroom arrangements go well at home too x #thesiblingsproject

  2. There is nothing like a new baby in the house! For older siblings, not only is it exciting, it is a period of adjustment. Sharmistha Barai

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