Monday, 14 August 2017

Choosing Colours Around Your Home ft. Thomas Sanderson

When we moved into our new home 10 months ago, after we had cleared the boxes and started to settle in, one of the first things we set about doing was planning how we wanted to stamp our own style on the house without spending a fortune. For us this meant decorating. I love planning a good decor project and love nothing more than seeing a room transform with just a few coats of paint.  Having moved from a house which had been total magnolia in every room when we moved in, to this house, where every room was a different shade of the rainbow, it felt quite bizarre to be surrounded by so many shades of colour, from magenta, to pale blue, to lilac, leaf green and turquoise. 

When I do plan a decorating project, I do find that my go-to colours tend to be shades of white and grey. Already we have decorated 3 rooms in our new house. Our guest bedroom is a soft grey, our minimalist office is a stark white, and most recently, we have had Little L's bedroom painted completely white. I can find it hard to break away from this neutral colour palette, and I think I could be a little more bold with my colour choices when it comes to decorating our home. I was really intrigued therefore, when Thomas Sanderson got in touch to discuss how using psychology can help to inspire how to decorate your home. Colour can really affect everything we do and the way we feel, and so I was really interested to see how using different colours around the home could influence how we act and feel around our homes. 

As I mentioned before, I am not the bravest when it comes to using colours around my home, so I'd love to know if anyone has tried using any of these shades and whether it makes any difference to how you feel and act in your own home. 

Currently our living room is a pale blue. It's not a colour that I would have automatically picked, but actually it works really well and is incredibly relaxing to sit in. But did you know that purple is meant to elicit feelings of relaxation and can work well in a living room? 

One room I cannot wait to get to work on is our main family bathroom. It's quite small and very dark as there's no window, which I'm hoping to change one day. The suite and tiles are white, but the walls are painted lilac, which I really dislike. In a white bathroom, adding touches of black can add a feeling of sophistication as it's a colour often linked with power and luxury. Obviously an entirely black bathroom would look too dark, but pairing it with white helps to balance it out. 

On my long list of rooms I want decorating is our master bedroom. It's one of the biggest rooms in the house but also the one which I least like in terms of it's current decor as it's painted in two different colours- some walls are green and some are lilac. For me, it's too busy and difficult to style how I want. Bizarrely though, green is meant to be a great colour for a bedroom. It's link to nature is meant to create feelings of comfort and serenity which is perfect for when you want to wind down and relax at the end of a busy day. If you aren't bold enough to paint the walls green then adding in green plants is a great way of getting that feeling of calm into your room. 

My favourite room in our house is our kitchen. It's light and airy with it's glossy cream units, solid oak worktops and sage subway tiles on the walls. It's not a room which I would want to change, but I was interested to discover that having red in your kitchen can scientifically make you feel more hungry. The colour red causes your heart rate to quicken, raising blood pressure and stimulating the nerves. It sensitises the taste buds and sense of smell which then increases your appetite apparently. As red is so overpowering, it's best to use it sparingly, and it works well alongside browns and creams. 

I have really loved learning about the psychology of colour and how using different colours around the home can affect our moods. I'd have never have thought of exploring all these different shades but it's been so fun having a look into the ways in which people using colour around their home. I'm definitely feeling a little more inspired to use flashes of colour around our home, and I hope I can be a bit braver when it comes to planning out our decorating projects. 

For more colour and decor inspiration hop over to the full guide which has been put together by Thomas Sanderson, the specialist blinds and shutters manufacturers. 

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