Thursday, 31 August 2017

{Me and Mine} A Family Portrait Project 17- August

There's something about coming to the end of August which I find so bittersweet. It symbolises the end of summer, the long 6 week holidays and the promise of sunshine. But for me, as my mind has always worked in academic school years, it feels like the end of a year too, moving into a new school year in September. And for me, this year it's even more on my mind as come Tuesday, I will officially have a school aged child. LO will have finished his summer holiday and will be starting in reception. Even just writing that makes my eyes well up, and while I know he is more than ready to start this new journey, I am really feeling quite anxious and wishing for just a few more weeks of summer so I can keep him at home a little longer.

It's been a funny old month really. We went away on our summer holiday at the end of June so we haven't had any holidays away to break up the 6 weeks. And as such, we have spent the majority of our summer enjoying time at home and around our village. Being out and about in our local area, meeting up with new friends and pottering about at home really sums up August for us. I wouldn't say it's been packed full of family adventures, but rather quiet days pottering about and the odd afternoon out here and there. I have loved the lazy mornings and total lack of any routine, and I think the boys have also really enjoyed this relaxed pace of life too.

Normally I find the months fly by but August really has sort of plodded along slowly, but in the best sort of way. I know that come September, the days and weeks will whizz past in a blur, and I think it's done us all the world of good to take life at a slower pace lately. It's really allowed me to soak up every moment with the boys, to just let them be, and to observe them playing and growing together. They have of course had more than their fair share of arguments and daily bickering, but for the most part, they've loved each other's company and it's been truly special to watch them together this summer. They're chalk and cheese, and so different in so many ways, and I know they will really miss each other once LO starts at school next week.

We have had a couple of weddings this month too, one of which was last weekend. Richard was best man, and as it was a child-free wedding, it meant a whole child-free weekend for us. We actually got to go 'out out' and danced together until midnight in a ceilidh. I do feel lost without them but it was nice to have a couple of nights away where we weren't woken up at 6am or have to worry about all the things which come with daily parenting.

LO has really thrived this summer. He has really grown up and spent so much of his time making new friends in the village. It's definitely been challenging not having any preschool for 6 weeks, but he's so easily pleased and quite happy to do simple things like playing with Lego by himself or going for a bike ride or to play at the little park. Little L has grown and changed so much too. He is showing signs of becoming another chatterbox like his big brother and has developed the cheekiest little personality in recent weeks. He has a real sense of humour and will chuckle loudly at anything which amuses him.

Of course he has still had nursery each Thursday which has meant I've had a few Thursdays where I've had some quality time to enjoy with LO on his own. We've loved our little early morning trips (which we have dubbed our 'Cosy Days') into our local city where we have been to sit in Costa or Cafe Nero, armed with an activity or writing book and a handful of felt tips. I've spoiled him an treated him to new toys or a little pack of Lego, we've pottered about hand in hand and I've just adored spending that time alone with him, where I've been able to give him my undivided attention and just soak up every minute with him. I'm all too aware that come next week LO will be at school and I won't get that time in the week to enjoy spending time with him. I am honestly feeling so emotional about it and I know that I will be in floods of tears when I drop him off at school on Tuesday.

So that's it for August. And even though it's not been packed full of days out or holidays, it's treated us well and we've all enjoyed it. I am one to find pleasure and happiness in the most ordinary of things and this most definitely sums up August for us all. I have loved this, our first summer in our new house and village. It's really affirmed our decision to make that big move and I can't wait to see all that September brings.

I would say this was an outtake, as I love an outtake for good measure but it was the best of a bad bunch. Yes, L really is chomping on a stick... 

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Lovely summer photos. This was me last year getting ready for Alice to start school, I'm sure it's harder for us parents than it is for them. Good luck next week, I'm sure it will be all be fine x #meandmine

  2. I feel the same about August I always kind of hate it coming to an end and when you suddenly have a child at school it changes it even more doesn't it? Hope he got on well x

  3. These are so summery and making me feel the warmth right from them. Love your happy family snaps each month. Full of color and beautiful views every time. Glad you had a great summer. Happy September ahead. #meandmineproject

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