Tuesday, 1 August 2017

{Me and Mine} June & July... oops!

For over 3 years now, I have been taking part in the Me and Mine project on the final day of each month. It's where I link up a few photos of the four of us together from some time during that month- sometimes taken in a mad dash, sometimes if I'm feeling especially organised, they're taken a couple of weeks in advance on a day trip out or on a family adventure abroad. And sometimes they're just a little iPhone capture of us at home. But wherever they're taken, you can guarantee there'll be a funny little story behind each capture, one of us will be making a silly face or gesture, and the photo will be brimming full of love and laughter. Cheesy I know, but these family photos I capture each month really are my favourites of all the photos I take, and I am so thankful that I have so many over these past couple of years. A lot of people ask me who or how we get the photos with all of us in. Bar the odd photo where a stranger has kindly offered to take our photo for us, I mostly balance whichever camera I have with me on some sort of makeshift tripod (a fence post, the pushchair, or a sun lounger all make excellent tripods), manually set the focus, press the 10 second timer and then dash back and forth with LO who giggles hysterically when he gets to push the button and run back before it takes a photo. It's always so ridiculous and we often get a few laughs or stares from people nearby, but we really don't mind. It's so worth it for the photo memories we end up with.

Anyway, I am rambling, and what I was going to say is that in the 3 years of doing these posts, last month was the first I'd ever missed. I was so disappointed but we were away on holiday in Porto Santo at the end of June and into July, so I wasn't able to. So this month, I am sharing a little selection of our family photos taken on that very special holiday.

It really feels like it was a long time ago that we were there. In reality of course we got back only a month ago. July has whizzed past and I can't believe we are already into August. July was of course a very special month as we celebrated LO's 4th birthday which ended up being a 3 day celebration, with a pirate themed party and BBQ with his friends, followed by a family BBQ the following day and then his first ever trip to the cinema on his actual birthday (as it rained all day). He also got given his first proper bike for his birthday, and for me, this really sums up the month so well. We seem to have been taking him out on little bike rides around our village twice a day, and it's been so fun seeing him progress and grow in confidence. Our little daily walks are my absolute favourite thing to do with the boys, and the new bike has really encouraged us to get out and about together so much.

We have also been a little more proactive in getting things started with the house. We finally got around to getting Little L's bedroom decorated and I am putting the finishing touches to that now and we have been loving these light evenings where we can just potter about outside and make the garden look pretty. It's amazing how just doing a few things to your house can make it feel so much more like a home.

And while our tans are now fading and we don't have any more holidays planned for a while, we have got a whole month ahead to enjoy before LO starts in reception in September. I am really going to miss having him around in the week and so want to make this summer a special one. We are just enjoying the fun of a lazy routine and of being spontaneous each day, and most of all, enjoying these long summer days. Just me and mine.

This month, I have been loving:
*Buying new summery clothes
*Wearing shorts more than I've ever worn shorts in my life
*Sorting Little L's bedroom
*Long summer evenings and walks around the village
*Having the boys at home
*LO's birthday celebrations
*Taking LO out on his new bike every day
*Hearing Little L's speech develop daily

LO has been loving:
*His new green bike
*His pirate birthday party
*Anything pirate related
*Pirate Books
*Going on rides around the village
*Baking cakes
*Learning to write his name himself
*Getting himself dressed
*His new red trainers

Little L has been loving:
*Talking, a lot!
*Starting to run
*Playing football
*Ice lollies
*Going on holiday
*Sand on the beach

Mr F has been loving:
*Our holiday to Porto Santo
*Little L's talking
*Seeing LO do lots of drawing and writing



  1. Aww these are all really lovely photos! I especially love the beach ones! Hope you guys have a really lovely August. xx

  2. Oh these are so beautiful looks like you had such a great time. Love the outfits too. Happy August ahead. #meandmineproject


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