Tuesday, 15 August 2017

{The Siblings Project 17} Brothers in August

If you follow me on social media, you will probably have noticed a photo on Instagram of LO wearing a kilt. The reason being that this weekend, we went on a little family adventure for two nights to rural Leicestershire, where we attended the wedding of Mr F's cousin and his wife. LO was asked to be ring bearer and both our boys got to wear their families traditional Isle of Man kilts for the day. I'll admit I had a little cry when I was LO walking down the aisle hand in hand with his cousin who was bridesmaid. It was such a proud moment and both our boys were absolute gems the entire wedding day, dashing about in their little kilts, charmed the guests with their funny antics and were just sweet and so well behaved the entire time.

We're now just over half way through the summer holidays and while we haven't had any big plans as such (we went on our holiday before the term ended) we have enjoyed lots of lazy days, rainy indoor days and adventures closer to home. The wedding weekend has definitely been a highlight so far as we made it into a little weekend away, staying in a really luxurious million pound Air B n B for two nights. The boys always seem to grow and change a little every time we go away, even if it is for two nights. They also seem to really thrive on each other's company, I think because they're each other's comfort blankets, even though they bicker like cat and dog.

And while they are used to living in each other's pockets day to day, this holiday they really have been together 24/7. LO hasn't had playgroup and as such, it's been just the three of us every day during the week. I have spent a big portion of the holiday worrying that we haven't been doing enough interesting stuff, but actually deep down I know that really, they're happiest playing together, going on little walks around our village or for evening adventures on the bikes to the cricket pitch. I know that it's these ordinary moments I will cherish the most when summer comes to an end, and LO starts at school. And while these summer days can be long and sometimes a little tough, especially when they fall out over something trivial, it's the best feeling in the world being able to watch them grow together. Best of friends. Brothers. My two boys.

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful


  1. Ah they look so cute in their little kilts!

  2. OH babes your words are so beautiful here. So true the ordinary moments together are way better and far out way days out and running around with them. I love days in with my two and them just playing together. i think they get to bond more that way too. Glad you have had a successful wedding in kilts too that's always a huge bonus when people comment how well behaved they are. It's a testament to your amazing parenting too. Proud mommy moment. Must check out ig for that kilt snap bet it was darling watching them walk down the isle. Amazing. #siblingsproject

  3. I find the Kilt is perhaps the most masculine of all garments, and people seem to instantly recognize the confidence you begin to exude the moment you put one on. Your boys look beautiful by the way.
    Regards: Child Actor LA Institute


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