Thursday, 7 September 2017

Goodbye Summer

As I write this, we are nearing the end of the first week of a completely new routine for us. It's the start of the new school year of course, and LO has just started his first week in reception. It's a week which we have been nervously and excitedly counting down to for what's felt like months, and while we've known it's been coming, I still find it so bitersweet. I'm sure I'll do a separate post all about LO's first week of school though, as I love to document not only our more ordinary moments but also the big moments too. But I wanted to take a little look back over our summer, and document some of the lovely moments we've had together.

Due to the fact we went on our week long summer holiday back in June, it meant that we didn't go away on holiday during the 6 week break and so it did sometimes feel like a really long stretch of time to keep the boys occupied and entertained. I spent so much of the holidays worrying that I hadn't planned much in the way of days out or things to do, and of course it's always easy to compare what everyone else is up to on their exciting holidays on social media. But looking back now, I know we have truly had a really wonderful summer, full of mini adventures, little days out to our favourite local places and more than anything else, our little play adventures in our very own little village. It really does go to show that you can find adventure in the most simple of moments. 

I was looking back through photos on my iPhone and I wanted to document just a few of my absolute favourite moments I've captured from our summer. This isn't going to be a long rambling post, but more over a little post just so I can document some of our memories of the summer that was. It's filled with memories of outdoor adventures in the sunshine and in the rain, two brothers running about together and giggling hysterically, far too many ice creams and sweeties, and of making memories with friends, both old and new. 
Goodbye summer, you've been good to us. 

I've absolutely loved being outdoors so much with these two. We got National Trust membership at the start of summer and I'm SO glad we did as it's meant we can enjoy last minute visits to some of the National Trust places near to us like Clumber Park near Worksop and and Belton House in Grantham, which are both around 20 minutes from us. Our favourite part of Clumber Park is the woods where you can climb on fallen trees and build dens. It's just magical.

The walled gardens at Clumber Park are also absolutely stunning. You could spend all day wandering around here. LO and Little L loved chasing each other around the pergolas and having a look in the glass house.
Belton House in Grantham is just such an amazing place to visit. We have been so many times this summer, and I have so many lovely memories from there. I can really recommend visiting if you haven't already been- you can easily spend a whole day there, going around the house (which I've yet to do with these two), having a picnic, exploring the maze and beautiful grounds, or having fun in the adventure playground or on the miniature railway.

 While we haven't been away on holiday as such during the 6 week holidays, we have had two weddings, including a family one in Leicestershire where we got to stay in the most amazing house for the weekend. LO was ring bearer and both boys wore kilts which was just adorable. I love this photo of me with my biggest boy.

More than anything though, my fondest memories of summer will be from the memories we made at home and just on the most ordinary of days in our village. If we have no plans or we feel a little stifled by being in the house too long then we always head out for a cycle around our village, go to run off steam with LO's friends on the field or the little playground. 

 Living in Lincolnshire, of course we have made a couple of trips into our beautiful local city of Lincoln. We love heading up to the top of the city up a road called Steep Hill (it really is very steep and almost impossible to push the stroller up!). We always have a wander around the beautiful cathedral and then head to get an ice cream and play in the grounds of Lincoln Castle.

At the start of the holidays we headed across to Liverpool and the Wirral for a little day trip to see family over there. There's a place called New Brighton on the Wirral, which you can get to through the Mersey Tunnel. We went down to the beach where there's an art installation of a pirate ship made out of driftwood.

So that's just a few of our absolute favourite moments from summer 2017. I love capturing our memories, from the most ordinary of moments to the more exciting things too like weddings and days out. But now onto Autumn, and seeing what adventures are in store...


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