Thursday, 21 September 2017

{The Siblings Project 17} Brothers in September

And just like that, we are over half way through September, three weeks into the new school term and I am still trying to find my feet with this new routine of ours. It really has taken some getting used to, and even though we are so lucky that we have no school runs in the car, we are still getting used to how we juggle the routine, still try to fit in a few fun activities in there week after school and make sure LO isn't getting over tired.

The dynamic here has definitely changed a little over the past two weeks or so, with the new school routine- it's bound to now that LO is at school all day and L doesn't get to see him as often. L is really finding his own feet now he's with me on his own during school hours, and he's really grown in confidence I think. But I also think that they both appreciate each other more now too, because they don't get to see each other so much. I have really loved our morning walks to and from school, and nothing makes me smile more than to see LO run excitedly over to us and L get super excited to see his big brother.

I couldn't be prouder of how LO has taken to his new school routine though. He strides in every day smiling, and when we arrive in the classroom he settles straight down to a morning activity. His biggest moment so far though has been that he was nominated to run for student council last week. With some help he prepared himself a Vote For Me poster to display in school and learnt a speech which he read out to the whole school using pictures to help him (obviously as he can't yet read). And yesterday we found out that he was voted for and got a place on student council. It was a very proud mama moment and I'm not ashamed to say I had a little tear in my eye. He has his moments but he really is a bright little spark and so full of confidence, yet at the same time, I sometimes forget he's only just 4. I think that's a huge achievement for him and I'm incredibly proud.

The change in routine and being at school has definitely left LO feeling particularly drained and exhausted every day, which many people told me was to be expected in this first term. And as such, we just haven't been out much, or really had the opportunity to take photos. We did go out briefly on Sunday for a walk, and so I quickly managed to snap a few candid photos in the rain before the thunderstorm came. I also realised in typical fashion that I'd totally forgotten about my siblings post, and wasn't originally going to use these, but actually, they're real, just an ordinary moment in their lives and they show these two as they are at the moment, and that's what I love about capturing these memories the most.

Getting photos of these two at the moment is near on impossible, let alone photos of them together, but I did manage a couple while they weren't looking!

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