Thursday, 26 October 2017

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch {Exploring Lincolnshire}

There's something about Autumn which I absolutely love- the dark evenings which mean it's ok just to snuggle in front of the TV at home, the autumn scented candles, colourful leaves and the chance to wear wooly jumpers and bobble hats. I do also have a slight obsession with Halloween- not the gore and scary bits so much, but more the pumpkins, Halloween crafts and everything else that comes with it. Each year since LO was tiny, we have been out to a pumpkin patch in October. It's become a bit of a craze in the past couple of years I think, and around this time of year social media is usually swarming with photos of families visiting their local pumpkin patch. So called pumpkin patches can be a little hit and miss, with some being an amazing place where you can spend the whole day going on tractor rides, running around a huge field full of bright orange pumpkins and doing pumpkin carving, to some being little more than a windy field with a few small pumpkins dotted around. I think it definitely pays to do your research before you go. The best one I've found so far is where we went the past 3 years- a big farm called Farmer Copley's in Pontefract, Yorkshire. I wrote about our pumpkin picking adventures there in 2015 and last year too. It was so god both years that we were tempted to make a trip up there this year, but now we live in Lincolnshire we thought we would explore locally to see what pumpkin patches we could find here.

After doing a bit of research I came up with a few, all within a 40 minutes drive of here. We decided to head up to Uncle Henry's which is on the A15 out towards Scunthorpe. The main part of Uncle Henry's is a fantastic farm shop and cafe, full of local produce. The other main attraction is their maize maze, which if you haven't experienced before, is well worth a go. We picked a pretty wet and windy day to be traipsing around a field of maize, but it made it all the more fun, and with wellies, winter coats and bobble hats, it was quite bearable. The boys absolutely loved running up and down the muddy tracks and splashing about in the puddles. We couldn't seem to locate a middle to the maze, and we did lose our way quite a few times, but it was so much fun and you could easily spend a few hours in there. 

 The maize maze is located through a secret walled garden. The wind and rain didn't put the boys off and they were so excited to get exploring around the maze.

 Definitely a day for wellies, bobble hats and warm winter coats. By the time we'd finished in the maze, L was covered from head to toe in mud.

 The maize maze is Halloween themed, with spooky things to spot around the way and the boys got really into running about trying to find different things.

 As part of your ticket, you get a game card with letters which you have to stamp. We got no where close to finding all the different posts with letters on, but the boys loved taking it in turns to stamp their card.

 Bizarrely the exit of the maze is the same as the entrance, but it does mean you can go out when ou want (if you can find it again). You then head into a small patch which is dotted with lots of lovely bright orange pumpkins. It's not quite like previous pumpkin patches I've been to where you search high and low around a field for the perfect pumpkin, but as there was the maze too it made it enough of an event. Definitely pick your pumpkins after you've done the maze or you'll have to carry them around the maze with you.

I look at this photo and realise how alike my two are becoming. I think when you can't see their different hair colours they look so much more alike. And now that L can talk a bit more, their bond is getting stronger every day, it's lovely to watch. 

The realities of taking a toddler to a pumpkin patch. 

 We then headed into the farm shop which is just amazing and well worth a visit anyway, even if you don't go for pumpkins or the maze.
The whole shop was full of gorgeous colours and seasonal Halloween and autumn displays. If ever you're around North Lincolnshire, do pop in and have a mooch around the shop or go for lunch in their cafe. It really was amazing and the food was just delicious. 

Just time for a little tractor ride around the playground before it was time to head home. I love exploring our local area and finding new places to visit, and it's even better when you discover it's somewhere the whole family can enjoy for a local day out together. 

For more information about Uncle Henry's and details about opening times and prices for pumpkin picking and the maize maze this half term, all the info is on their website.

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  1. Wow it looks like such an amazing place with so much to do. Love the stuck in the mud shot! I am totally envious of everyones pumpkin patch adventures though as we never got to one this year. Thank you for linking with us #MyFamilyAdventures

  2. Oh Wow! Farmer Copley's is our closest pumpkin patch, and although we live in North Yorkshire, Uncle Henry's is only about an hour away from us. Its brilliant to hear of different ones to visit. I grew up just outside Pontefract, but didn't hear about Farmer Copley's until last year and we loved it! I love your photographs, especially the ones of your boys on the pumpkins. Hope you have a lovely November x

  3. Aww what a great adventure, its looks like a great patch to visit. We left it a little late this year so it was a bit sparse. I need to correct that for next year! Thanks so much for joining in with #myfamilyadventures

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