Thursday, 12 October 2017

Tips for Getting Motivated to Clean Your Home

As a busy mum to two little boys, I rarely get a moment to just sit and relax, but bizarrely, one thing I do enjoy doing in those rare moments of peace and quiet is to clean the house. Yes, I actually enjoy cleaning! I know not many people actually claim to enjoy cleaning but there's something about it I find very therapeutic and many people ask me why I do enjoy it. I obviously love living in a clean home (don't get me wrong, it's by no means spick and span all the time, I do have two very messy little boys and one who likes to throw food around), but I find it relaxing to just get a bit of time to myself and I find it really rewarding to see the house transform from a total chaotic mess to a fresh smelling picture of calm (for all of 5 minutes). 

I thought therefore I'd share some of my top tips on how I get motivated to clean my house with two young children about. 

Play Some Music
I love nothing more than to either blast some music loudly on our portable speaker and to dance around while I'm cleaning or to pop my headphones in and just have a few minutes to myself and become absorbed in the music while I clean. It really makes the world of difference and I find I clean a lot quicker. I use it as a bit of me time without the guilt factor.

Make a Cleaning Schedule
This is something I could get better at doing myself, but by making a cleaning schedule, you don't feel so overwhelmed with the idea of having to clean the entire house at once. Make a list of daily tasks, once a week tasks and once a month tasks, or if you prefer, a list of things you will do each day of the week. I do my daily jobs such as emptying and loading the dishwasher, emptying the bins, making the beds and putting a load of laundry on, clearing away clutter and sweeping the kitchen floor, and then do other jobs on certain days of the week. There are loads of pre-made lists and ideas on cleaning schedules on Pinterest which you can download. 

Buy New Cleaning Products
Buy yourself some new cleaning products which you can look forward to trying out. Have a good look through your cleaning cupboard and see what you have got and what you might need. I love the Method cleaning products and find these smell much nicer than many other products I've tried out. 

Make a Cleaning Caddy
Buy a little caddy to keep your cleaning products in. It makes it so much easier to have all your products and tools in one convenient place which you can carry around with you. It really saves a lot of time and energy- energy which you're already going to be using doing the actual cleaning itself, so if you can have the majority of products in one place it will save you from traipsing up and down going to get more products to use. 

Watch Speed Cleaning Videos
I LOVE watching speed cleaning videos on YouTube, firstly because I'm nosey and like seeing other people's homes and routines, but I also find them therapeutic to watch and they really make me motivated to want to spring into action to clean my own home. 

Set a Timer
As a busy mum of two boys, I really don't get chance to dedicate an entire morning or afternoon to cleaning my house. I will get the odd ten minutes here or there, so I find setting a timer helps. I will set it going, play some music and run around to see how much I can get done in that time (a speed clean). It is EXHAUSTING and feels like a real work out but it stops you faffing around an getting distracted from the job you're doing. 

Invite Friends Over
I can tell you, nothing motivates me to clean more than when I know someone is coming over to our house, whether I have a ten minutes or a week's notice. That incentive alone is enough to motivate me to get going to cleaning the house.

So those are my top tips for getting motivated to clean your house. One of my targets is to introduce a better cleaning schedule so I'm not trying to face such a mammoth task of doing it all at once and feeling overwhelmed. I do like cleaning but I don't love it so much that I want to do it all day!



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