Tuesday, 21 November 2017

An Autumn Trip to the Seaside {Wells-Next-The-Sea}

A couple of weeks back, during half term week, because we hadn't made any fixed plans to go away for the week, we decided to plan out a couple of days where we went on a few day trips to make LO's first half term since starting at school, a little bit special. Living in Lincolnshire, we do actually have a coastline in our county, but it's still over an hour's drive away. We visited Skegness back in the spring, when it was equally cold, and thought this time, we'd explore a little further afield. Our next closest coastline is the north Norfolk coast, and so after searching around for a nice place to visit, we decided on a day trip to the pretty fishing resort of Wells-next-the-Sea. It took us over 2 hours to get there, as the road is a single carriageway pretty much the entire way there, but it was well worth the journey as it is simply such a beautiful little place. It doesn't have that run down feel that some British seaside places can have, and it was bustling with happy faces enjoying a warm sunny October day by the sea.

Upon arriving, we discovered the town is quite a walk from the beach, with marshland and a harbour in between. We drove down the road which runs alongside the harbour, to a carpark situated by the beach cafe. There's even a little Joules shop down there too which was a pleasant surprise. We headed down to the beach, which is famous for it's huge stretch of sand and pretty pastel beach huts. The boys loved exploring these, climbing up and down the steps and jumping down again. We went armed with a load of buckets and spades and the boys enjoyed digging in the sand and searching for treasure.

The beautiful beach huts at Wells. There's lots of pretty pastel coloured ones and they're all perched on stilts. 

The sand at Wells is just beautiful. It's so soft and definitely some of the best sand I've seen at a UK beach. The tide goes really far out and you have to be careful not to get cut off by the tide, so we stayed fairly close to the beach huts. The boys loved sitting building sand castles (or rather, LO built them and Little L knocked them all down again). 

I just love the pretty beach huts. The boys loved climbing up the steps to explore each one. 

We then headed back into the town (it is a long walk down a pathway so we drove and parked on the street). We had fish and chips from a chip shop called French's (I think it was called that anyway! It's next to the arcade on the front), played on some 2p machines in the arcade and then got a little ice cream, before going to have look at everyone fishing for crabs in buckets. 

We then headed back to the beach again for the afternoon and a couple of hours playing in the sand, and of course some photos too. The weather was sunny and warm and I think autumn and winter beach trips are one of my favourite things to do and it just goes to show, you don't have to spend lots of money to have a really fantastic day out.

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  1. Such beautiful photos Amelia. I love Wells-Next-The-Sea, we have only been a couple of times but I think it is probably my favourite beach around our way (not that Norfolk is that near but you know what I mean!). I love the beach huts. Weirdly I likely going to English seasides more in the winter time than summer. In summer they are just too busy and they stress me out, cause the weather is never that nice anyway. x

  2. Looks like such a fab day and what beautiful beach huts, I am so sad to be as far away from the beach as you can get in the UK but this one definitely seems well worth a visit. Thanks for joining us. x #MyFamilyAdventures

  3. Such a gorgeous post and beautiful photos. The huts are so colourful. I love a trip to the seaside in winter. Thank you for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures

  4. Gorgeous photos of what sounds like a lovely day. I'd love to go some where with colourful beach huts. #myfamilyadventures

  5. It certainly sounds like you had a lovely day at the beach. Love the colours that are on those huts too. #myfamilyadventures

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