Thursday, 23 November 2017

{Review} Kit & Kin Baby Skincare

The boys' bathtime is one of our favourite times in our house- it's always fun, lively and a time for games, singing and lots of bubble fun. It's also a time when they know it's time for a bit of calm and relaxation, and there's simply nothing better than to scoop them up out of the bath, smelling all clean and fresh, and to cuddle them up in a big fluffy towel. When it comes to skincare for the boys, I am always a little cautious as they have both suffered from dry skin before. LO now aged 4, seems to have grown out of it, but Little L, at nearly 2, still suffers from patches of dry skin, particularly on his arms and in his creases.

I was really keen therefore when I was kindly sent some of the products from the baby skincare range by eco-friendly brand Kit & Kin. We have been trying out the lovely products, and I will tell you what I thought about each of them below. But first a bit of background to Kit & Kin. If you haven't heard of them, they are a new brand created by former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, and Christopher Money, who has over 15 years of experience of developing mother and baby products with some of the world's leading brands. Emma's son suffered from eczema and always found it hard to find baby skincare products to use on her son's skin which weren't full of harmful chemicals. Kit & Kin was created to help take that stress away and to provide parents with an alternative form of skincare which they can trust. As well as baby skincare, they also have a line of eco-friendly biodegradable nappies too, and for every 10 Kit & Kin nappy subscriptions they have pledged to purchase 1 acre of rainforest through the World Land Trust. I think that is amazing and definitely something to be a part of. 

We will hopefully get to try out the nappy range soon, but for now, here's our thoughts on the baby skincare range...

I was really excited to receive the box full of lovely goodies to try out. We received baby bundle skincare range which costs £29.99 when purchased as a bundle. We also got a cute fox shopping bag as a little gift too. My first impressions were how beautiful the packaging was. I'm a sucker for branding, and Kit & Kin have definitely cracked it here. It's simple, clean and eye-catching and really has a luxury feel about it. The products are certified natural and free of harsh chemicals and synthetic frangranes, so they aren't overly scented. 

Hair & Body Wash 
Described as being gentle and hydrating, the shampoo has a tear free formula and contains mango and strawberry extracts. It has a very faint plant based smell to it and I loved how it lathered up when I rubbed it into L's hair.

Bubble Bath
This one contains plum, mango, strawberry and ginseng plant extracts and creates gentle bubbles. I found it wasn't harsh on Little L's sensitive skin and he felt really soft after his bath. Again, the smell was just a very mild plant like smell, and it created some really good bubbles.

Body Oil
This would make a great little bottle to take along to a baby massage class, or to rub into baby's skin to relax them after a bath. I found it really soothing on my own dry hands after doing his bath time and we have enjoyed using it on his skin to relax him before bed.

Magic Salve
This is a little pot of sort of waxy balm which melts into your hands with a little heat. It's ideal for using on dry skin patches or for nappy rash. I tend to use my nail to scrape a good amount out, rub it between my fingers and rub it into L's skin, especially around dry patches of skin. It did leave his skin feeling quite soft and we will carry on using it. I found it more effective on his dry skin than as a nappy rash balm.

We have really enjoyed trying out these products from Kit & Kin and they're definitely something I would go out and purchase again, because it's so rare I actually find a product which doesn't give L dry skin. Thank you to Kit & Kin for kindly sending us these to try out. 

For more information about Kit & Kin, please visit their website.

NB: We were kindly sent these products to try out in exchange for a full and honest review. All words  and photos are my own. 



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