Thursday, 14 December 2017

Children's Shoes Review {ft. Bobux}

 When it comes to buying new things for the boys, I find footwear is one area which I do often find a little tricky. I have never been one to buy lots of different pairs of shoes for them, because they seem to grow out of them so quickly. I tend to just stick to one or two pairs, plus a pair of wellies too as we live in the countryside and go out for lots of muddy walks. So when I do get them a new pair of shoes, I like them to be comfy, versatile and practical, as well as being well made and robust enough for my little tearaways.

I was delighted therefore to get the chance to choose some new shoes for the boys from Bobux- a brand we have tried and tested before back when LO was a toddler. If you haven't heard of Bobux, then I can really recommend heading to their website and having a nosey at all the fab styles. The founders created the first all leather Soft Sole for their baby daughter, and since then have been developing all sorts of different innovative styles, all the while keeping children's healthy foot development at the heart of their research. Bobux strive to create shoes which protect and support little feet, whilst also allowing them to be free and develop naturally.

Using the website is really simple and there are various ranges to choose from, according to the age, stage and shoe size of your little one. For Little L, I opted for the Playback in Teal which is part of the i-walk range, and for LO I chose the Blaze Hi Dragon also from the i-walk range.

We were really excited to open the boxes and see the shoes. They look and feel such good quality, with really soft leather, flexible soles and great attention to detail. LO absolutely loved the cool dragon design on the side on his hi-tops. I'm not sure I've ever seen such cool shoes for boys before in fact!
The Blaze Hi Dragon shoes are easy to put on and feature elastic 'laces' for support as well as a velcro strap too. I love the different textures on the shoes and the colours are really vivid too.

The Unisex Playback shoes I chose for Little L are perfect for his feet. He's been walking since around May and is now getting to the stage where he's trying to run about more, albeit a little clumsily! The soles are really flexible and the hi-top offers his ankles lots of support. One thing I find is essential wit toddlers shoes is the ease of getting the shoes on. I found these really flexible to open up and get his feet into. These shoes are currently priced at £45.00.

 We went out for a winter walk to try out the shoes. I knew these two would put the shoes through their paces with all the running, jumping and climbing they do. They were both really happy in them and couldn't stop jumping about. LO was particularly excited with his shoes as he spends most of his week in clumpy school shoes. In fact, I've been so impressed with these I think I will look at Bobux shoes for his next pair of school shoes.

We absolutely love these new Bobux shoes and I can really recommend having a look at their website. There are lots of styles, designs and colours to choose from and it makes a difference having designs such as cool red dragons, rather than the usual trains and cars which feature on boys shoes. The shoes are quite pricey, but I feel it's worth spending the money for the research and expertise which goes into designing each shoe, not to mention the quality and style too.  

Thank you so much to Bobux for sending us these shoes. All opinions expressed are my own. 



  1. These shoes look amazing Amelia. They look really good quality I love design. I'm not surprised LO loved the dragon design. You have taken such lovely pictures of your boys as usual and they both look so lovely with their new shoes. I will definitely be having a little look around the website. I hope you are well lovely. xxx

    1. They really are amazing little shoes! So many people have commented on how nice they are and where are they from. I can really recommend Bobux if you want to get yours any new shoes xx

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