Thursday, 11 January 2018

Little L... You are Two!

To my Little L, 
I can't believe you are now two! You had your birthday last week and what a celebration we had. We didn't do much around your first birthday as we all went skiing two days after, so this year, I wanted to make sure we did something really nice to celebrate two years with out little blondie locks. On your birthday itself, we took your brother to school in our usual way, and then off we went for a morning of fun together at soft play. I love having this quality time with you and you really enjoy having that time with mummy to yourself. We also got to see family and open all your presents too, but of course the wrapping paper seemed much more interesting to you. We took you out to Pizza Express for dinner, and you and your big brother were really good and gobbled up all your pizza and chocolate brownie. 

Our celebrations continued on Saturday as we had a little birthday tea party for you at home. We invited some of your little toddler friends from the village over for tea, cake and jelly and ice cream. It was of course Peppa Pig themed as it's your favourite show to watch. You got some lovely presents including a wooden toolkit, a talking bus, a fold out ship which you like to sit in, Duplo and a wooden fishing game. Carrying on the celebrations, we thought we may as well have a three day birthday and we went swimming on the Sunday too, which you really enjoyed. We haven't taken you swimming very often but I think I might start taking you every week now. 

Over the past few months you've really changed and grown up so much. You're such a little chatterbox and you love nothing more than to copy things your big brother says. You will have a try and most words and you will join a few words together as well. You are going to nursery two days a week now, on a Tuesday and Thursday, and you are so grown up when we drop you off. There's no more tears and you will always greet us with a big cheeky grin when we pick you up. 

You have finally cracked sleep, and while you've never ever had a nap in the day in your cot, you seem to quite like sleeping at night now. You'll have a bath and then we will sit with you on the chair in your room and read you a few stories- your favourites are Ten Shiny Snails and Ten Crunching Caterpillars. You're still having a bottle of milk to get you to sleep, and we haven't taken the sides off your cot yet, because I think you'll probably climb out to come and find Mummy in the middle of the night. I'm sure I'll get around to putting you in a bed at some point, but for now I'm in no hurry to wave goodbye to the final few reminders of the baby days just yet. 

And while you are very much a toddler and now 2 years old, in many ways you still seem so much like a big baby to us- the way you still favour being carried around to walking for yourself, the way you love nothing more than to be held like a baby and snuggle in close for a cuddle at any given moment, the way you need your bottle of milk to get to sleep, and the way you cant go anywhere without your beloved toy cat Miaow (or 'Eeow' as you call it)- which by the way you are so attached to and Mummy had a massive panic at Christmas when you lost him in the garden centre. Luckily they found him again a few days later! I say you still seem like a baby to us, and in so many ways you are, but in the same breath you also seem so very grown up, and older than two. The way you talk and interact with us, the way you copy your brother- especially how you've learnt how to play Lego games on Mummy's phone! 

But whatever age you are, even when you're 18 and probably 6 foot 5 tall, I'll still be calling you my baby boy. 

Thank you for being you, for being the sweet little blonde cherub you are. You definitely make everyone's day brighter with your cheeky little smile and funny little things you say. 

Lots of Love, Mummy xxx




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