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Gift Ideas for Two Year Olds

It's been just over a month since the youngest member of our tribe had his second birthday, and because it's at the start of January, needless to say he was slightly bombarded with a lot of new toys within a very short space of time. We didn't go overboard with what we got him, but as he had a little party he was treated to some really lovely new toys. It prompted me to have a much needed clear out and sort of all their toys, including lots of baby toys and other bits and pieces which just aren't played with any more. My aim is to create a better way of storing all the boys' toys while also having some sort of toy rotation system. Does anyone else find that the toys often just become a 'part of the furniture' when they're out all the time and your children don't seem to notice them? I find if I rotate them and just have a few things out at a time, they are so much more interested and keen to play with them (I may do a separate post all about toy storage once I've done that).

But for now, I wanted to share a few ideas about the toys he's really been interested in. I often get asked for ideas for toddler presents, and these are some of Little L's favourites, and ones which I've noticed him take particular interest in playing with. Of course, each child is different, but it may give you a few new ideas...

Wooden City Bus
We were very kindly sent this Fair Trade Wooden City Bus by Lanka Kade. It's made from solid rubberwood and has 5 little wooden people who sit inside slots in the top deck and driver's seat. Little L loves driving his bus around and taking the people out. It's beautifully made and would make a perfect present for a 2 year old.

Magnetic Fishing Game
Little L actually got two of these for his birthday, and the boys love to sit together with a wooden fishing rod each, collecting the numbered wooden fish. It's great as a game, but also for learning colours, helping with taking turns and counting too. It's also easy to dismantle and store away in a box. This fishing game is by Viga and you can get it on Amazon.

Wooden Peg Puzzles
We have five different peg puzzles for Little L to play with, including this sound puzzle from Melissa and Doug, a number puzzle and a chunky wooden dinosaur puzzle. He's played with these so many times recently, and will sit and tip all the pieces on the floor and happily sit and put all the pieces back in the right puzzles. We got most of ours in TKMaxx and they're around £4-£7.

Wooden Tool Box
Little L loves his new little tool box. I love it's simplicity and how it's made of wood. This one came from Sainsbury's from the Grow & Play collection and was around £10.

Wooden Car Transporter
You'll notice a pattern that I'm a big fan of wooden toys. There's something quite simple yet robust about them, and they not only look nice but also they allow children to really use their imagination when they're playing. I hadn't heard of the shop Hema until my sister bought this for Little L, but it's well worth looking at their website for affordable wooden toys like this.

Wooden Stacker Toys & Rainbow
These are some of Little L's most used toys. He's still getting the hang of putting the pieces on in size order, so they're definitely toys he will grow into as he gets a little older. They're great for helping with learning colours and the concept of size order. The Rainbow isn't a Grimes one- this is a cheaper alternative from Sainsbury's and is fun to use as bridges for his cars to drive through, or whatever he wants really! The opportunities are endless!

Wooden Cake Stand
I can't remember where this one is from, but if you search wooden cake stand on Amazon, lots of different ones come up in the search. We keep this on his wooden kitchen and he loves serving me a cake on a plate with a pretend cup of tea!

Duplo is a recent discovery for Little L and we never really had any when LO was a toddler. I picked up a town starter set on Amazon for around £25, but he generally likes to build towers and drive the Duplo cars around.

Little L isn't quite ready to do the jigsaws yet, but I wanted to include them as I know how much his older brother enjoyed them at around age 2 and a half. The ELC 2, 3 and 4 piece puzzle boxes are fab, and it was this little set of vehicle puzzles which ignited LO's interest in puzzles when he was around Little L's age.

Soft Toy Characters
Little L has always really enjoyed having a soft toy with him to play with- his beloved toy cat ('Yiaow') is always in his hand and goes everywhere with him, so when we got sent a set of Itty Bitty soft toy characters for him to play with, I knew he'd love them. They're created by Hallmark, and there are lots of collections to choose from. Our set includes the characters from The Wizard of Oz- including Glinda the Good Witch, The Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man. I love the idea of having a set of characters from a story, and it really helps with story telling and role play. There are lots of other collections too in the Itty Bitty range, including superheroes, Disney characters, Scooby Doo and Marvel comic characters.

I hope that gives you a little bit of inspiration for either gift ideas for toddlers, or even just a few ideas for toys and games which I've found Little L to be interested in and actually go back to play with time and time again. I'm always keen to find out what other little ones play with too, so please do leave me a comment if you have any ideas!

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  1. Ah we have lots of these things too, although Roma definitely prefers Lego just like her big sister than duplo now! I love that bus, so cute x #SharingTheBlogLove

    1. I always think your playroom conservatory looks so much fun and you have some gorgeous toys! Yes L loves lego too- though he tends to just break F's creations! x

  2. love all these ideas. I love wooden toys and I've actually just bought that tool box for a little boys 2nd birthday. #sharingthebloglove

    1. Thank you! I really do like the wooden toys- they're fun, colourful and very open ended x

  3. These would all have been a big hit with my nearly 4 year old when he was that age. And in fact, he still loves lots of these kinds of things now, so years worth of play there! We love our wooden toys, there's just something so aesthetically pleasing about them, and they don't get damaged as easily either. Lots of new wooden toy brands for me to check out here too, I'd not heard of lots of them! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. Ah I'm so pleased you've spotted a few wooden toy brands you haven't heard of. I can really recommend the wooden bus- so durable and well made x

  4. Some really good suggestions here, particularly like the rainbow and the cake stand. Wooden toys are such lovely gifts #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. Thank you Sarah, I agree. I think you can get some really nice wooden toys for not too much money, especially on amazon. They make fantastic gifts x

  5. We've got a few of these and I just love wooden toys. My youngest is a little girl that just loves to play with her toys and they all get a lot of love. My eldest has a shorter attention span though! Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

    1. Wooden toys do seem to be so popular right now. Yours sound similar to mine. My eldest hasn't got the best attention span when it comes to playing either, whereas his younger brother will sit and play happily for a while x

  6. These are some great ideas, little man turns two in May and I'm struggling to think of what to get him so I'll be showing this to Hubby later - love the magnetic fishes, his grandad has a tank and he loves them so I think thats a definite choice! #sharingthebloglove

  7. Lovely ideas, I know my little boy who's just turned two would love them all!! #sharingthebloglove

  8. Ahh what gorgeous photos and some lovely items - I loved the twins this age and playing with such lovely toys :) Jess xx

  9. Oh that's a beautiful collection. For me getting a gift for my toddler is always fun. Watching his little face light up at the expectation of the fun he will have with the new object is a delight for me. Helene Goldnadel


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