Tuesday, 20 March 2018

A Grey Hallway Makeover {Ft. Laura Ashley}

Grey Hallway Dulux Pebble Shore

Since moving into our home in Lincolnshire 16 months ago, one area of the house we knew we wanted to update as soon as possible was the hallway. I remember it distinctly when we looked around- my first thoughts were that it was quite an unusual layout as it runs widthways across the middle of the house and that it was fairly dark. Although our 'official' front door goes into a little love in our dining room, we use the other front door which comes straight into the hallway, so it's the first area of the house you see when you come in. All the downstairs rooms come off the hallway, as does the staircase, so we walk through it multiple times a day. When we moved in, it had yellow walls and a beige ceiling, bare pine doors and woodwork as well as a wooden floor, so it felt quite dark and unwelcoming. We didn't have any furniture in it and consequently it just felt like a dark corridor. I wanted to make it light and airy, and a place which felt more like a room. We're never quick to get started with updating our houses, but I'm so pleased to be able to finally share the first of our home renovation projects on my blog!

Here's what our hallway looked like before...

I am a huge fan of grey, and in our last house we had a grey hallway and a grey nursery too. We decided to make all the pine wood white satin, and we chose Pebble Shore by Dulux in a matt finish for the walls. It's such a beautiful colour and really makes the white woodwork pop. Changing all the woodwork has made the space so much lighter and more airy looking.

Using a radiator cover in the hallway has made such a difference to the space. It's covered a very standard, boring looking radiator and given us a surface to put things like photos, candles and plants on. The radiator cover is from Homebase, and then on top of it, I've put our money plant (bronze plant pot is from Homesense- they have an amazing selection of plant pots), the James Silver Tealight Lantern is from Laura Ashley, and the candle is from TKMaxx. Above the radiator, we have a couple of black and white photos of the boys, though I may get couple more black frames and make a little gallery wall.

Grey Hallway
Homebase Radiator Cover

 Because the hallway is quite long and we walk through it so many times a day, I wanted to add in a large piece of furniture to make it feel more like a room and less like a corridor. We already had a Welsh dresser in our dining room, but we weren't really using it. I love hallway console tables but they can be quite pricey, so instead we detached the top from the dresser an up cycled it using Laura Ashley furniture paint in pale dove grey . It has a chalk paint finish and the subtle grey tone looks beautiful against the darker grey on the walls and has completely transformed our slightly dated pine dresser. I love having an extra surface to put plants and trinkets on, and so far we have been really good to not use it as a dumping ground for keys and post. Inside the dresser I keep the boys craft things, board games and some of their extra toys.

Grey Hallway Welsh Dresser

On top of the Welsh dresser, I've put some house plants in white pots. I have a thing for houseplants (I'm renowned for killing them but I've got a lot better at remembering to water them!) and I think they really help to transform and liven up a living space. The tall plant and white pot was from B&Q and the little succulents were from Ikea. 

I've also got a palm tree type plant on the floor next to the dresser and it helps to fill the space under the stairs. I've also got a Hexagonal Brass Terrarium which is from Laura Ashley, and a silver stag tealight holder, also from Laura Ashley (I got this in the sale at Christmas so couldn't find a link). 

Laura Ashley Brass Hexagonal Terrarium

Because there are no windows in our hallway, the only sources of light come from the other rooms when the doors are open, or if we have the ceiling lights on, so I placed a mirror above the dresser to bounce light in from the lounge, directly opposite. It's got a distressed white wood finish and looks a bit like a window. I've had so many questions about it on social media, and in fact, it was a total bargain from the Range for £24! One of my new favourite things in our hallway is our framed family photo which we had done in October. It's really bright and the black frame is a nice contrast with the grey and white.

 Adding trinkets and finishing touches is my favourite part of updating an area of the house, and I think it's this which makes a room feel more lived in and homely. I love our new duck doorstop which greets us as we open the door. The colours go perfectly with our sage green front door and wooden floor and it fits in well as we live in the countryside. I've also added in two Kubu baskets fro Laura Ashley which are ideal for storing hats and gloves and blankets.

Laura Ashley Kubu Baskets

At the other end of the hallway by the stairs and front door, we've got a large metal clock from Laura Ashley. It's quite a bold, statement piece, but it fills an otherwise bare wall and gives a focal point to the end of a long corridor.

Grey Hallway Transformation

Overall I'm thrilled with how the hallway has been transformed. It's made such a difference to the overall feel of our house and makes a welcoming entrance into our home. The only thing we have left to do is to change the stair carpet (once we have trained our two cats to stop destroying carpets and to use a scratching post!!...)

Home Etc

Hot Pink Wellingtons


  1. What a transformation, it looks stunning, so much lighter. I love the pale grey! We're in the process of trying to lighten our house up as it always feels a bit dark and this has given me lots of inspiration. xx #HomeEtc

    1. Aw thank you so much. It really has transformed it from being dull and dark to light and airy. The colour is Pebble Shore by Dulux and works so well with the white satin. Glad it's given you some inspiration x

  2. What a gorgeous space! It's hard to believe it's the same room, it's so bright now. The grey's such a lovely colour too, might keep that one in mind for when we decorate the kids' room fully.

    1. Thank you Nicola- I really love the grey. It looked dark when we applied it to the first wall but once it was all done, it actually made the hall appear lighter. I'd definitely recommend Pebble Shore as a lovely grey tone

  3. It looks FANTASTIC Amelia!!! What a difference — what IS it with cottages and yellow walls? Ours had lots of yellow walls when we first moved in — it's so weird. Maybe people think that country cottages *should* be painted yellow?! LOL!! We've got an aged wooden staircase too and I keep to-ing and fro-ing about painting it white. I'm normally quite gung-ho about things like that, but because it's so old — and is stripped vintage pine — I'm torn. I don't want to do it and then regret it... although I look at the fresh white paint on yours and change my mind again!!! Fab transformation — thanks so much for sharing! xx #HomeEtc

    1. Ah thank you SO much for your lovely comment- I was really fretting about all the woodwork but ours wasn't vintage pine, just fairly bog standard modern pine so I decided to go for it! It's lovely and light and fresh looking now xx

  4. What a difference it has made! Painting the wood has made a real difference and really opened the room up. I love adding all the little touches too and often never feel like I finish a room. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  5. What a fantastic transformation! I'm a big fan of grey too, I love how clean and uncluttered it looks, and so bright and airy compared to the before pictures. I love the little touches too - I have a similar brass hexagonal terrarium and it still has pride of place on my shelves despite having had it for years now. I love a houseplant as well, but like you I have a black thumb when it comes to them. I'm find with garden plants but house plants just come to my house to die! Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove

  6. You've completely transformed it, that's incredible! It looks so bright and so much bigger. Clever you! xx

  7. I am so loving your hallway! And I am loving the grey, I'd love ours to look like that but with kids, dog, hubby and all his bikes - no chance! #sharingthebloglove

  8. This is absolutely gorgeous. Not too dark but light and bright. Love that you've brought the outside in with the addition of plants. #SharingtheBlogLove


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